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Has sent an Email to podcasters reminding them to ensure decent looking meta data. They particularly don't want spammy looking names or authors hand, no episode numbers in titles. These practices could result in your show being rejected or removed from apple podcasts. They warn. They have though unveiled mechanism to resubmit podcast feeds if required which looks this episode numbers are in use in podcast titles by Joe, Rogan, cereal or reply all our podcast pages. Will now tell you if you're being naughty like them with episode numbers in your titles. Just search your podcast and see what our system complains about pocket costs. Now has a skill for the Amazon. Alexa, smart speaker. The company is particularly proud of Alexa. Ask pocket costs to play my up next which plays what you're lost playing in the app and your list of upcoming podcasts. Google speaker. Have voice integration with Google podcasts. Of course. Hey, Google resume my podcast. We'll continue this sneak to whatever it was that. You are listening to on the app on your phone Google podcasts disappeared last week from Android auto. Then it reappeared nounce disappeared. Again. The good folk of read it and your editor. It's me aunt happy transistor podcast, host has published an article on how to make money from your podcast just in time for Bloomberg who asks everybody makes podcasts, but can anyone make them profitable, Tom Webster from Edison research appears on the latest episode of the spreaker live show talking about the upcoming infinite dial data release and a free webinar, you'll find a link to take part in our show notes, and in our newsletter and pod chaser has interviewed Dan Carlin in our newsletter. Today, we talk about welcome today. One. It's a brand new podcast with stories of regional entrepreneurs and startups from across Australia,

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