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Heightened sense of responsibility that we have is the final professional sports team in the East Bay, KCBS news time, twelve forty five. Let's check sports now with Joe Hughes. A scary story from Sunday night, involving one of baseball's most affable figures. Homer, Red Sox slugger. David Ortiz, best known to most as big Papi was shot Sunday night, at a bar restaurant in the Dominican Republic where tease was shot in the right side of his back with the bullet exiting his abdomen. He was taken into emergency surgery at a local hospital and is reportedly in stable condition after having surgery. A statement from the hospital says Ortiz out of danger and his brother telling a reporter for ESPN that they expect Ortiz to be just fine. A suspect in the shooting was detained by local authorities, but no motive for the shooting was released. Ortiz retired after the two thousand sixteen season helping the Red Sox and win the World Series in two thousand four two thousand seven and two thousand thirteen the baseball world taking to Twitter to send their thoughts and prayers to David Ortiz. And everyone relieved to find out that it looks like he will be okay. Stanley Cup playoffs on Sunday. The two thousand nineteen postseason has been littered with game sevens. So why should the finals be any different? The Boston Bruins tuning up the Saint Louis blues five to one in game six to force a winner-take-all game seven on Wednesday in Boston. It'll be the six game seven of this twenty nineteen postseason and the first in a Stanley Cup final since two thousand eleven when the Bruins would go onto beat the Vancouver nuts Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy thinks his team and the city already for another game. Seven shop an opportunity to plan a game seven the whole hockey world loves a game seven, so should be a great night in Boston, and may the best team win the Boston Bruins have one more game sevens than any other team in NHL postseason history and tennis news, Rafael and the doll winning the French Open on Sunday defeating Dominic Tiem for Nidal his eighteenth career grand slam title..

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