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I guess a grain is a nice way of saying contrarian takes. But then skip bail is took contrary and takes and made $50 million off of it. If people had supported me when I was making bad things, Peter, you don't even know these bad takes. Do you know the best in one? Yards followed by it all started with Tom Brady. We were together like O 5 or O four. Tom Brady was winning super bowls and was the hero of the Patriots, but he wasn't leading them to super bowls. Where did you remember where you stood on? He was kind of part of the patriot system. So I Jimmy goes, oh, you're calling Tom Brady a system quarterback. And it just took off from there. And then so but you know what I'm talking about. You were there for the early patriot days. Of course. And part of good morning football, it's like cable pose something and the X player whether it be Nate or whoever it is now will probably take the conventional take and then me and Kyle have to kind of look at each other in a showdown and be like, all right, we can't all just say the same board. One of us has to take. So today, for example, it was should the NFL be scared of the dolphins right now. And my answer is no. And I'm looking at Kyle right in the eyes and I'm like, you gotta take it, bro you gotta and then he's like, here's why you would be scared of the doll. And yes, Kyle took it. But you know, that's just television and radio. Like, it can't just be three people across the board, being like, no, no, next question. You got to make something out of it. And then the dolphins fans listening get super pissed. And that's the kind of the magic in the art behind all this. And I go on Simmons's podcast once and every week. He's got a new one and I'm like, you are just a take machine and I respect it. This is why I like having my own show because I would never be able to do that. I would never be able to just give the take that's needed. I don't have it anymore. All right, let's try it here. Make the case, make the case for why the Tennessee Titans can win the AFC. Go. They can't. That's why that's why I can't be on the show. Yeah. Yeah, right. I was not that good, so they won't. We did a rehearsal show today. And we were fighting over who had to take the pro to a tape. I did not want the pro two would take. I'm curious what Kyle came up with because it just means you beat Ian book in a 20 to 3D game like it's hard to make that protein..

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