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With a team that that's all the fucking uh another thing his way drop it was actually one of the ones where i was pleased with when you looked at him he wasn't sucked out there look good he looked healthy so i believe 45 is is division going forward but again he just has to find to a few things and i think he can be a player losing two elkins a guy that's one six in a row it sucks air hurts he didn't get his bonus i get all that but i'm i think he can pick himself up and maybe finish the year two and one we'll see i'm a big michael johnson believer i don't know he'll be a world champion but i've seen this guy beat some really really good fighters in that's why i always though that he's always going to be a player until the day he uh hangs them up of the great up until the mistake yeah yeah i i've been a big meikeljohn supporter to um another guy that i can't seem to pick right for for for for what it's worth maybe that's why but you know to his own accord his problem has been staying focused and i want us say that that's maybe what it look like because like like george said he was he was fighting the hands or was certain scrambles were look like and again darren elkins is tough i don't i don't the outcome doesn't surprise me at all but what i am saying that there were certain moments where were like hm cavs seen a move a little more like you know more urgent weather is like you know a fading barboza were lows on scrambling with lows on back in the day but but i i will disagree though in the sense i think it might make him listen stocks i don't have his record off him but i want to seize loss 5 out of his last six or something like.

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