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News with rick worthington good morning news today we'll start with the trump white house aides defending the situation of a couple thousand children having been taken from their families when they crossed into the us illegally it's a growing controversy to be sure as new immigration legislation may be hitting the house floor this week and bob constantini says president trump is standing firm the president has clearly heard and seen the visceral responses to his policy of zero tolerance for adults crossing into the us illegally not being released which in turn means that any children with them are taken to separate housing facilities he's tweeted why don't the democrats give us the votes to fix the world's worst immigration laws where's the outcry for the killings in crime being caused by gangs and thugs including ms thirteen coming into our country illegally that's a different tack from the president's weekend tweet suggesting the separations were aimed in part to get democrats to compromise on money for his border wall and ending certain legal immigration programs bob costantini washington the us supreme court is in the last month of its 2017 twenty eighteen session christopher crews looks at the case involving the president's travel ban soon after president trump tried to ban visitors and immigrants from several muslimmajority nations federal judges in several states began to block the travel restrictions they said they were unconstitutional because they discriminated against muslims the supreme court will decide whether the president has the executive power to issue such an order a why he sued the president for his 2017 executive order restricting the travel of citizens from five mostly muslim countries iran libya somalia syria and yemen christopher crews washington well good news it's okay to drink coffee again then what am i talking about will california health officials are now rejecting.

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