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You know exactly what you're making now. You're you're complaining about i get. That travis was also a top five heavyweight so he was pretty compensated so i from his perspective. I can get why he says that. But when a lot of these fighters bring this up maybe selfishly. They're talking about themselves. And i agree. They did sign the contract. But i think the when they complain about it's the it's the overall encompassing pay out of the fighters like if you're you know i on the prelims on fucking facebook or the uc fight pass where they do these days. You're not making shipman. And i get yo know you earn your keep and and winning solves all problems. I get both sides both sides. But i mean i'm sick of hearing about people complain about you'll be honest it's more now. Yeah especially only fans or they're doing this or some guys have jobs but it's deeper like you said remember how the the ratio of the company getting the money and the fires in the money is just too. It's too far if you want to be you know. Usa your top five sports organization. Compare yourself nfl nba mlb and soccer. And then your fifth or whatever the hell you want to be. The only difference between all that is there. There's no the pay's not there. Yeah this is an old school. I remember jacques. Sean gannon the only to be kimba. The street fights. Here's a ufc fighter too. He was a cop is option. Yeah he was a fortunately pass away. There's no details no idea why. Why pass away. But he passed. Remember him in the youtube video. Kim trouble for i think Doing like a headlock. And they like freaked. The fuck out. I know had locked. These team was messed up kimball. Wouldn't let sean you haven't win. Yes he would've totally distorted you'd remember when schon get madigan pulled over by the tough knows bostonian cop and about who also beat the share the kimball slice so sexy pass away on recipes so there's more insight onto the gables gable stevenson so apparently this is mark monday so you want him to do the regional circuit. I then go to the contender series. If he did well there then he would fight for the fcc. That's fair but that's yeah that's a lot of different things to do. So that's why you probably could make money. The w who do you think he was going. Jump in there and fight fucking france. No but still that's uc doing him a solitude that is true he should get experience. I'm sure he wanted to be on telling this is. This is where the lines get blurred. Dude this is the. This is my only criticism of these youtubers and celebrities. Coming over to fighting boxing or mate is them jumping the queue and thinking i'll because i've arresting background i should be. I should be fighting these these guys who have trained their entire lives and jump right in there with the best of the best. Do they're doing your solid. He would get a. Nyah lated by anybody. New see right now in nyla diving knocked the fuck out nine competition. So if you're going do we want you get on the regional circuit. Get your beak wet. Then we'll bring a contender series. Which is huge a great platform sugar. Sean started there. The sugar sean. As you do well there and we're going to give you good matchups. Then we'll get you into the it's so shortsighted now. You're fake wrestling. Okay okay all right do that. And it ain't forty if you don't wanna go on the regional circuit than the contender series and then the ufc. Which is a great plan. You don't do that and the same for you. do you get eaten alive. Fuck alger ws. You get eaten alive man. The people don't get the discrepancy. How good the eighteenth-ranked guy in the ucs. Compared to a gold medal wrestler. This isn't two thousand. Do you get knocked the fuck out. He gets seriously hurt. You have three fight career. In the afc. This ceduna solid men would go fake russell. Pereira the guy that killed israel sonya have knocked out. Student may filthy sign up sign here. Here's a ways to go before he's at is he's level for sure. They need this narrative. They need him and watch. He's gonna get good matchups. Who will have a pretty easy route to get to busy. 'cause that matchup you can. I mean the the narrative on that's pretty easy to sell pay per views. You give them you know A newer guide this first one striker next when to give him a an older striker. Then you give them a vet. Who's on a rough patch. He's gonna light him up he's probably four or five away from fighting izzy this guy. He's gonna fight the seventy matches. Thirteen wins four losses in. Let's see one to two. Ufc fights so one loss in one. When striker asking me for narrative they need people for to light up for sure people. If this guy climbs up w sweet story all right. Here's a quick. One is like a hot prospect from ireland. He's going to be fighting. You always an adjoining fcc cage. Warriors champion to. He joined the of c. And fighting that guy jordan williams who recently we talked about the guy that broke into his car and he'd beat him up need to the head. Those fucking cage wars. Man gotta get some talent. They're monsters. So neil gilbert burns on back and forth on twitter and he's gilbert's number two neal's number seven in the rankings. Bruins tied up though so fancies himself a fighter. Take it out the tough fight for gilbert and listen. I've known for a long time. Neil train with neal was one of his coaches and ultimate fighter. Love neil neal's biggest. Achilles heel is really high level. Oh man killer burns the high level youtube guy in that division. It'd be tough that's cool. He's down to take that fight to kind of has to unless you don't wanna pay this year that is true. And what neil seven or eight you said seven come on this is michael chandler making a promise about his fight with justin gucci. Here is a promise to you all. I'm coming forward with reckless. Abandon abandoned He will take the first outback which seems impossible. But that's pretty cool. Here's what i promise you. All he's gonna shoot a double edge. Vay yeah yeah. For sure i mean. That's the fight of the year match..

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