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Yeah it's it's it's a great. It's a creativity has so much to offer, and we're borne to be creators. And we need it, but we need it as we were talking a little bit about this before, but as individuals and as a greater. Community and as A. As humans. When you think about how many things that people have created out of nothing but thin air that have changed the world, you know even a speech that someone gives or a book that someone writes or a you know something that somebody could on any level, and you know like even music, a symphony, or in causes people to weep for joy because of this. Energy that the intercessor body lifts their spirit so what we create has the potential to change the world, and it will always change our world, our own personal world, and that in itself is enough. Yes, that in itself is absolutely beautiful. You also mentioned You mentioned in your book that goals and those. I think that you have a really interesting. Take on goals, and how you kind of use that in the book. Can you explain a little bit about what that the use of goals in this workbook? Sure so what I wanted to do was to. Create tension within the person reading the workbook because I want to bring up all that stuff, it's down there. That's interfering with us. You know living our greatest lives are most creative, wonderful, exciting, energetic lives, and so I ask people to come up with a goal a creative goal. You know I want to write a book. I wanted you know. Create a website I wanted. You know whatever it is I. Want to create a program for children that I'm working with. I want to create a curriculum for teachers. And then to give themselves a deadline, because deadlines create tension. Like what I have to do this by a certain time? So and I suggest in the book. A perhaps a month that you know that that could work for the WORKBOOK, and and so it's for the first time through the workbook, and then to come up with short-term goals and be short term goals are what you envision that you're going to do every day or how often you decide that you're going to show up for your creativity. You know there's a lot of people who Who say well, I don't ride every day I. Wait for inspiration to hit before I right well the for the Muse or whatever it is that. The visits US gives us the energy to you know. Come up with these things in our imagination that like over that come from. the museum will visit us. More You know easily if we show up at the same time as the same place every day or three days a week, or whatever it is that you can manage and for parents who had children. Know Lots of times they'll do it at four o'clock in the morning, or they'll stay up and do it at eleven o'clock at night, or whatever you know, a lot of times by having only a specific amount of time. That's available to you is better and I think that sometimes the reason that a lot of people are running out of energy to do anything it's. His big expanse of time to fill hand, so they don't do anything at all. Whereas if you have to delegate your time, you know sometimes it's it's You do better, but anyway so that you then decide every day. What you think you're going to do what you need to learn how it's going to unfold and I suggest that that they Put, those short term goals on A. Universal Story Template, which is in the book in of this energetic pathway. So that you can see where you're going to run into some problems potentially and the sorts of. What's going? Be asked of you energetically because when you start out. You know like I said you're going to have a lot of energy for, but as you go. The energy of the universal story does grow and get higher, and so more and more is going to be expected few, and so the tension is going to increase, which is going to bring up all kinds of emotional staff. You know resistance, denial frustration anger. All of these emotional things that are worthy to Silla and to. visit and to get to know about yourself because if it's happening in this program of the boundless. Creativity Work Program. It's happening everywhere in your life. You know this is. Something new, and so even if you resist it and say this isn't the way I always. Am You know if you talk to your friends so probably say oh. Yeah, this always have to. Do you know it's sort of these? That, we want to bring up. We want to eliminate and we want to create new patterns new rituals new routines that better enhance our lives. I loved that. Oh my goodness. The I love the idea of tension, and how much that not only brings up, but it's like when you're up against a wall. You're kind of like. Oh i. have nowhere else to go, but where I'm facing, you know all of this behind me. I can't go that way to go this way. and I didn't think about it when I did the book, too, but now going back and like Oh see you. Could see how that was. That was designed in there so So right because when you do, go back, there's something lost. That's it's sad. You know it's. If you give up on a creative project. Essentially you're giving up on yourself and there's something really tragic about that. And so. That's why I wrote the WORKBOOK is you know I've worked with so many creative people? Some of whom are? So brilliant and so you know filled with so much potential and the things that they would say about themselves. You know the hurtful things that we would never say to somebody else, but they say about Oh you know. On no good, this is a mass of. Why do I? Even you know all of those things? That are going through our mind million miles an hour over and over again, and they're just stories that we've made up based on our reaction to things that happened in our, or what other people have said to never and their stories and the stories can be revised just like a story. If you're a writer, you can revise your story at any time and come up with a brand new story where you are the main character of your story. You are the heroin you are. You know you are the one that changes the.

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