Kristen Fisher, Fox News, North Korea discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Confirms to Fox News North Korea plans to return, the remains of some fifty five s servicemembers on Friday if so they will eventually be. Flown to Hawaii for processing the second police officer within two months dies in the line. Of duty in Milwaukee, it's a difficult time for the police department He's a seventeen year veteran It was well up by the department and a friend of. Mine police, chief of funds Morales. Witnesses say the gunman yelled I'm not going back. To jail before opening fire the suspect was originally wanted. On gun and drug charges he, is in custody scientists say they've made. An amazing discovery on Mars we're talking about a lake of liquid, water on Mars right now, if the findings are. Confirmed this is the discovery so many scientists have been waiting for a specific place to target in their. Search, for microbial alien life now the discovery, was made not by NASA but by the Italian space agency using one of the oldest spacecraft's still, operational in orbit, around Mars the Mars express they used ice penetrating radar to bounce radio waves. Off the surface of Mars and when they got, to the planet south pole they noticed that the radar profile, was very similar to lakes found. Underneath glaciers here on earth these researchers say they spent years digging through the data and now in a study published in the Journal science they say they're convinced they found a roughly twelve mile long lake. Underneath the polar icecap in Washington Kristen Fisher, Fox News freezing water would be nice right now in the southwest US where a heatwave is making, everything in sight, he'd alerts that are going to be in effect eighty to ninety the range. Inland in Bali ninety five two hundred twelve and, in the desert hundred and ten to one hundred twenty that's, the ranges for these heat advisories. In the area as.

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