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From the hillsdale online courses earlier that week and tell them and communicate to them. Why our country so exceptional where these ideas come from. For example there is a hillsdale online course constitution to a one. The progressive rejection the founding and the rise of bureaucratic despotism to phenomenal one charlie f. o. R. hillsdale dot com right next to the great books wanna one ancient to medieval sign up. Teach your kids and if you are a student this will make you much more enlightened than going to most colleges across the country dr bill mclean everybody. Buckle up here we go charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe charlie kirk is on the college campus to know. We are lucky to have charlie. Charlie cuts running the white house. I wanna thank joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organisations ever created a turning point usa embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed. Lives and we are going to fight for freedom campuses across the country. And that's why we are here. Hey everybody welcome to this episode. Charlie kirk show are part of this amazing series charlie. Or hillsdale dot com of the wonderful great american story. Land of hope a brought to you by dr mcclay. These episodes have been getting phenomenal feedback. Dr mcclay and i've really enjoyed them. And now we're kind of in the modern era and so. I'm looking forward to that and i just want to say again. Everyone you guys can follow along with these episodes. You can re listen to our other conversations while also taking the great american story. Course and i think you'll get a little bit more nuggets here and there by relisting to these episodes dr mcclay so good to see you now that we are in the modern era. I wanna talk about how the constitution has endured and kind of the assault on the american constitution. Kind of post woodrow wilson. And kinda start a little before that. Walk us through. Why this is so important for people who love the constitution recognizing realize yeah well and it is very important because really what's happened is The idea that of government Like anything else can be perfected by means of science. The scientific method you know. In the nineteenth century people were so thrilled by all the advances. That natural sciences had made that they thought. Hey why not apply. The scientific method social thanks so we have social science and and in the term political science is really related. Decided that there could be a science of government. Weaver wilson very strong believer in that and he really sort of invented the idea of public administration as a field of study that something entirely separate from elections campaigning. Making your case to the voters public debates that sort of thing instead experts could arrive at disinterested scientific knowledge of the best way of governing and then implement the hat and one of the things you see in the in the progressive era and some some of you out there will still be living with institutions like this the bit the idea of a city manager instead of mayor to take governance out of politics. Because you know all that coral and people getting down in the mud fighting over their respective interests which the founders so as being part of the game this is what politics is that people fight over there different points of view and they're different interest. That's natural everybody's gonna have different views different interest. What you wanna do and wrote the constitution tries to do is to provide a mechanism but we're ordering debates so that they aren't just you know bareknuckle fistfights every bombs knives but it's a but you can have some kind of resolution some kind of legitimacy well y- that all seem very wasteful to the progressives the you know what why why fool around with the political process when you can have an expert company and say. Hey this is the talking is over. This is the way it has been and to give them some credit here when you had Things like large large corporate entities such as railroads that had such a huge influence over so many people's lives and We're had to be regulated in some way Then you know the expert class had a little bit of claim we see this now with big tech. Us are very concerned about the tech. And i'm very wary about bringing in the government but also recognized. There have been times in the past when we've had to to protect call something a common carrier or a public utilities and regulated that way but anyway i'm getting off the the the point the point is that The expert class claims of expertise were supplanting the democratic process. And i think we are living with the results of that now that it's not clear to us especially this public health of panicked that we voted for the last year and a half. Our we yield our freedoms entirely to the man in the white coats jackets and the added difficulty that we don't always know that the men and women in the lab coats really know what they're talking about or whether they are using expertise as a veil behind which and they grab for power can take all of these things are in our minds and and by the way the earliest critics of the idea of expert rule were very much aware that that expertise can be used as a as a black box. All seeing the wizard of fox parable the end of the movie when the man pay no attention to the man behind that hurt..

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