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Available every Thursday on the Sirius. Xm APP and Pandora Gregor and Tommy Dreamer. Look back on DC. Wsb barely legal. This busted opens miracle on the mets special here on busted. Open a very special edition of busted open. It's supposed to open barely legal miracle on the mat anniversary. Show with your own Tommy Dreamer and Dave Legras and somebody who is a big part of April thirteenth? Nineteen ninety-seven Tommy is Beulah. Mcgillicuddy joins US live right here. I'm busted open Beulah. How are you today? I'm doing great. I'm not sick. So that's a good thing. Yes thank you. Please stay safe. And everybody practice social distancing during this very very difficult but I mean you know when somebody when you call somebody and they don't come on then you know they really don't Wanna come on because everybody's home so if they don't answer your phone call you know that they really don't want to talk to you. I appreciate you answering the phone in coming on today anytime and Bulan. I are practicing social distancing because I was out and about in the public and I've been living downstairs. She's upstairs. I think we've been practicing social for the last ten years..

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