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News on talkradio six eighty WCBS Baltimore and wcbMcom. Strikes on Ron reportedly ordered. I'm Carmen Roberts. Fox News US official says the military made preparations to strike back Friday morning against Iran for shooting down a US drone. Fox's Krista Fisher has more on what the New York Times is reporting officials told the New York Times that the president had initially approved attacks on a handful of Iranian targets things like radar and missile batteries, the strike was set to take place just before dawn Friday in Iran in an effort to minimize the risk to arraign military or civilians. And in this report, while there's are a lot of details are also a ton of questions. They say it's not clear whether President Trump's simply changed his mind on the strikes, or if perhaps new administration altered, course, because of some logistical or strategic issues another question. It's not clear whether or not the attack still might go forward. One thing that won't go forward is a flight of any. The us airliner over Iranian airspace. The FAA issuing a band just hours ago, the area blocked off from flights, including Ron itself as well as parts of the straits of Hormuz, and the Gulf of Amman, a federal grand jury indicts to more duck boat employees for the deaths of seventeen people who drowned when their boat sank on a lake in Branson, Missouri, last summer general manager and the manager on duty indebted on his conduct neglect, charges, the Vivian vehicle sank at table rock lake while I was out on the water. There'd been severe weather warnings for the area at the time. Fox's John saw the duck boat captains already under indictment, and a federal appeals court decides new Trump administration rule on abortion, Ken go into effect while the government appeals lower court, rulings blocking them, the administration banned all payer funded clinics from making abortion referrals, and from sharing office space with abortion.

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