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I con it should've shout out someone on the list because leeann Ida Gerard Gerard, not draw draw. My books is in that in the Middle East department and the edge in the bid all of that. And then yeah, he's just really he's fallen so far from that. Which is fine. He's three hundred. I think all those guys basically went through hell he said it was awful. Yeah. That's. That could also be the. I mean. Yeah. This is unbelievable. It is ridiculous. It doesn't look great in any of these picks. Really, not the how I I remember it being inciting. Well, it's it's because of the way Zack Snyder shoots it because that's not as gay and he loves. The same way we're gay or just really appreciate that. We. That might my guess with Zack Snyder because he sent all these the same like boot camp up in Denver Colorado on top of a mountain or something. I'm almost positive like Hazak. There's some issues with this manuscript. He's like how many calories is on right now. Henry Henry look like he looks. This makes us bands make sure enough chicken. He's benching at least three fifty land on Chris Evans. I don't think he made he doesn't make they don't like them both done. I like him. I would like to do one. Second question for everyone. Just one okay. Okay. On just to bring this back. Everyone's just nominate that top male video game carrot to crush. Oh. I'm Joe from the lost of easy. Nathan Nathan, Drake. This is a tough one actually Garrelt David Beckham. Seven snake from oh, naked snake gross out three subsistence wing. It's been the camera. I've only, but I'm going with you. He's he's been played by Henry Cavill. Did you wait? Wait. Did you say Drake? I said Nathan Drake foes, but Garrett will be my follow up would be garrels. Better. Bet you that are creatures. Yeah. Plus, he's got magic. Meghan. You don't like Joe from the loss of us. It's too much of a fall the type for me to look at daddy. Not into it. Interesting. I don't know that we have time to rank. We don't we call. We can put it up on the list. Okay. With the fact that Chris Hemsworth is not on the list her. That's what I thought you'd look bigger. And could you? Worth around you give the ten again, just if if we were gonna lose someone Hemsworth, Michael Jordan, Zac Efron with white hat. David Beckham you and McGregor. George clooney. Ryan reynolds. Inter Selva Brad, Pitt Henry Cavill, Tom Hoti, take off take McGregor that can't beat it. Also personal right in for me. Pharrell? Good. Okay. If I was. Oh, he's so hot. I don't wanna lose McGregor. Barrel. Good about that. And all about Omar hasn't found a bad picture has to be this might be like the second or third. Most handsome man in the world. I know he's Australian fuck it don't like your own time. You're gonna get rid that him serving with a little kid who's on that list that can go if we can lose McGregor Colin Farrell. I agree. Can we just see calling foul before we made this because McCoy had some innocent isn't goals. I that's not a bad picture. They still cool. Yeah. So handsome, he. Volcan good look scoop 'cause Jon Hamm route to also good looking. It was such a do f- in. That's that's the. The next one. Young the that's how I. Still hot. Now. That's a good looking boy. I think he looked bad ass in. Was it fantastic. I found it. I thought his costumes were still read..

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