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The first crime that he commits basically is win. He kills a woman in her apartment. She's like bending down to pick something up dropped and he's waiting for her right at the kitchen counter and like shoots her and then her roommate comes home and she walks in and he tries to shoot her too but she holds up her hands to her face but she's holding her keys and the bullet. What ricocheted off the keys. I could not get over that shit. I pretty amazing. I'm going to have my keys. My hands forever to hold to my face. If anything's happening her keys saved her life and then she like ran away then went back in the roommate her her friend that she lives with his dad sadly then she goes back in and they're both going towards each other and she lake doesn't act fearful so he doesn't shoot her and he just leaves and that's when you knew like what like what is up with this dude. What the fuck is wrong with him. Yeah do you remember that whole thing a little bit. I i kinda thought. This was the one where he like. Doubt is the person's is no no no no. That's not the first one that is to come. But the first one so he he went to the mall bought that hat and that lady had seen him by that hat that was like the whole first part then he went to that apartment randomly and basically. Sean killed that girl just because tried to kill. The roommate couldn't because keys saved her life and then he just left didn't even kill the remained tattered other opportunity. Didn't kill her and then he left. Went up the street about a mile away and shot and killed somebody from their car. He just went full on granted. That thought. oh but i didn't wanna make it a joke but i'm going to anyway like just. Yeah well. he like pulled her out of the car. Wait until she was scared. And then sean gilder then left. Didn't steal her card and steal her money. Didn't you know so. That's and they noticed. It was the same bullet but eighties. So they don't have dna they don't have any of that kind of share yet so i thought that was really wild. When was the one incident. And you're talking about with with the is do you remember i. Honestly don't i don't remember either. I remember i remember it. Well yeah yeah and it was just like really weird. How sometimes he killed like very aggressively or like very violently weird and then other times. It was just really fast. And it's weird. Where like in my mind. When i think of a serial killer and people are gonna like can blow me up on this but takes a dexter. Who very article has a pattern and stuff and then you have. Obviously it's a fictional. tv show but like now..

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