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Live from NPR news on Corvo Coleman. Palestinian leaders in Gaza The West Bank and Israel are calling for a general strike today to protest Israeli air strikes in Gaza as NPR's Jackie Northam reports from Jerusalem. The protest comes a day after President Biden expressed support for a cease fire. The protests, called day of Rage are expected in major cities across the West Bank. RAMALLAH, Bethlehem, Janine. There will also be a one day general strike by Palestinians in Gaza and parts of Israel. Palestinian government offices, banks and many other businesses will be closed. Organizers say the action is meant to send a clear message of protest about the Israeli air strikes in Gaza, as well as the treatment of Palestinians living inside of Israel and the occupied West Bank. The action comes a day after Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza, demolishing homes and businesses. Meanwhile, the Israeli military says Hamas fired about 200 missiles into Israel on Monday. Jackie Northam. NPR NEWS Jerusalem President Biden is going to visit a Ford Motor Company plant in Dearborn, Michigan. Today he'll highlight his infrastructure and spending plans these air intended to create jobs in the U. S. President. Biden has also released his income tax returns. NPR's Giles Snyder has more on the president's return to tradition. President Biden's return show he and first lady Jill Biden saw their income drop in 2020. They reported income of more than $607,300 down several 100,000 from 2019 Spuyten was campaigning for the White House. More than a quarter of their income went to paying federal taxes. The release of Biden's tax records marks a return to a longstanding custom, their former president Donald Trump, rejected NPR's Giles Snyder reporting. North Carolina authorities say they'll release the results of the state's investigation into the death of Andrew Brown Jr. The 42 year old black man was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies last month. NPR's Sarah McCammon has more family members of Andrew Brown Jr have viewed about 20 minutes of body Cam and dash Cam footage taken during an attempted felony drug arrest bypass would taint county sheriff's deputies. Family says Brown was fatally shot from behind while his hands were on his car steering wheel and that he never posed a threat to law enforcement. The local district attorney, Andrew Womble, has previously said that Brown had struck deputies with his vehicle, while Bible says he will release the findings of an investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. During a press conference in Elizabeth City, where Brown was killed on April 21st three deputies currently are on administrative leave. Sarah McCammon. NPR NEWS FLASH FLOODING emergency continues in the area around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The National Weather Service estimates between 10 and 12 inches of rain fell overnight. Water has surged into homes and some people have been rescued from their vehicles. This is NPR. Fire officials in Los Angeles County of lifted evacuation orders for a wildfire northwest of the city. Arson investigators have arrested a suspect. Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas is suing the city of Lubbock. The group says the city adopted an unconstitutional ordinance that tries to criminalize abortion from Texas Tech Public media Sara Self Walberg reports. It also allows lawsuits against those who provide abortions in its lawsuit. Planned Parenthood says they're challenging the ordinance because it goes against the 50 year precedent. Set by the U. S. Supreme Court's decision on Roe versus Wade. Health Organization is seeking to stop the measure before it goes into effect on June 1st love. It is the largest of more than 25, Texas cities to enact a so called sanctuary city for the unborn ordinance. But it's the first to do so by a public vote by way of a proposition on the ballot. It is also the first city to actually have an abortion provider in its limits. Other cities. This was mostly symbolic, but it's being tested in Le Bic. Planned Parenthood states in its lawsuit that even before the ordinance hits the books, abortion appointments have been canceled out of fear of costly litigation. I'm Sarah Self Wall break in Le Bic. The Supreme Court will take a case next fall on abortion from Mississippi. The state bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The justices will examine the question whether all abortion bands before a fetus can live outside the womb are unconstitutional, such as Mississippi's Previous rulings say women can choose abortion before this time, although states have some leeway. This is NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Norton Lifelock, reminding consumers that more than 30% of identity theft victims suffered multiple types of identity theft. Learn more at Lifelock dot com slash.

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