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Just two days ago that was CBS's Danya Bacchus reporting and we will have the latest during the CBS evening news with Norah o'donnell at six o'clock right here on news radio ten eighty K. R. L. D. news of corona virus outbreak is coming out of South Texas sat a family detention center your current city that's just south of San Antonio is eleven detainees have tested positive and all were a symptomatic they were said to be in stable condition and under medical isolation testing began on Monday at the center but it is unclear how many people have already tested Rangers manager talks about the new sixteen game schedule there's been a lot of talk about the sixty game Major League Baseball schedule begins next month the fan asked Chris Woodward if that is enough games to truly evaluate players that's a good question I don't I don't think it is to be honest it is it is enough to kind of get a gauge on a guy but for a younger player yeah this is this is a different season of dell ever play so we go back to normal next year we plan under sixty games next year this season will will be an out liar for so many reasons who'll be the opening day starting pitcher lance legault start opening day it will deserve it at the end I felt like since I gave it to my classroom game plans Mike is lefty Mike minor Jimmy the Saint Christopher newsradio ten eighty KRLD the man credited with moderate modernizing an opening Mardi Gras in New Orleans to all races and genders has passed away bring happiness to millions of people every year Blaine Kern revolutionized the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans introducing modern parade floats that were bigger brighter and more high tech over the years and took what were small neighborhood parades and engineered super cruise that had thousands of riders and attracted millions of spectators he also started parades that we're not just featuring white men probably don't want to go out to everyone plane turn with ninety three days going for CBS news New Orleans one thing that most people hate more than cleaning their house cleaning their tack have American say they haven't taken the time to organize their computers or their phones they prefer the chaos it's been three years since the average person de cluttered their machines the study in one poll also finds more than sixty percent no they should be cleaning the computers have say they're worried that cleaning up clean them up would cause them to lose their photos of their videos or they'll lose their passwords others say they won't clean up because even in the chaos they know where everything else is nearly new sign five before we check your money stocks sold off close out the week on increasing fears of a resurgence of coronavirus infections that have Jones industrial average tumbled seven hundred thirty the S. and P. five hundred dropped seventy four the nasdaq fell to sixty Facebook and Twitter shares fell sharply Unilever pulled its ads from the social media platforms citing hate speech and polarized political postings Facebook later said it will label all voting related posts and expand its definition of hate speech Amazon is buying a condom is vehicle start ups who reported price of over a.

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