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I'm sure that's going to be a huge job Spend for the young man. Yeah, it is. I mean, you can always just imagine. You know things being in reverse and going to Russia and tryingto make your way in a new culture and all those things will have everything in place for him to make. His transition is Seeing what was possible, rather exciting day and a lot going on camp underway and then all of a sudden on the Edmund 10 and a chance to play the Vancouver Canucks an advance and Playing the Stanley Cup playoffs. Bill appreciate the time in a very busy day. Hey, no problemo is enjoying coming out with you guys. Take it easy and be safe out there. All right there. He is. Bill Garin, Minnesota while general manager huge day today for the Wild de Nevison, the permanent head coach, and they signed their top prospect outta Russia. Uriel Capri, soft and over the years is he emerged on the wild radar. There's been a lot of pronunciations, but when they announced the two year entry level contract In the first paragraph. They did a finale fanatic spelling and we'll get used to it really quick. Correa ll caprice soft. Is ready to go. He won't be able to play in Edmonton in the hub were the wild open the tournament in early August, but he will be available for next season. 6 49 11 minutes down front of seven sports to the Max Stephen sitting. Steve Thomson sitting in for Mike Max, here on news talk E. Three L O. W C c o Yes, a newscast used the rewind. Feature on radio dot com. Now meet Chuck. Now meet Chuck's personal information. Hello, made up of things like account Loggins Bank info and Chuck Social Security number. Whenever Chuck's shops, banks and browses online his info travels all over the World Bulls you breathe yet exposing it to cyber threats. Well, that's no good. So how is Chuck able to sleep? Because he knows Norton and Lifelock.

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