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Sza that got an allied superstation one on one w why d e andrew and jim hanging out with you this friday making it happen one story jim that abbas skeptical of at first but i started seeing uh other people other outlets report on it was this guy now let me see if i can find i think i lost it not in liz i still gotta in arizona man who said he wanted to send the message about guns in the aftermath of the shooting in las vegas he voluntarily turned in his two weapons to the phoenix police and two firearms he turned him into police because he wanted to let people know hashish is not worth it any more i'm willingly give him my guns and i hope you guys do the same so as you ask theresa the question of would you be willing to let the government no what kind of guns jehanna how many got um this guy he won object he said i'm just gonna get my guns volume up jonathan parine is his name thirty six years old he owns a coffee shop and downtown phoenix which tells you a lot of what you need no no offence do you people coffeeshops but in downtown phoenix it's a different scenario deci he and his wife owned the coffee shop surprisingly he's got a life oh saidi called police to ask if an officer could come pick up his got his guns now first of all what are you think police thing oh this is a lack of though we got a wagon noodle he's looking for some suicide backup he's calling us out there set us up said dude told the paper that he was motivated by the mass shooting so on and so forth he said who doesn't love las vegas he.

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