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That i'm going to do something for you i'm in elected opted for under the crowd of yours i'm going to get it done in kill no i agree in an done it get it in my way governor walker is an example of that and that's why i would like him to be a one term governor and lose the selection and i i'm supporting mike dunleavy but i'll tell you that much that he said he wasn't going to touch our dividends he wasn't going to impose a tax said within a year he did and i think mike that's what your alluding to that have someone acts like that than why would you want to have a beer with them after ain't after the business now so i get cut having a beard dr michael recall my that's exactly why i don't do that yeah no that's no i get it will kathy that's a fair response in mon mike is onto something now as is the election comes and now we got an election coming up here in in august and then a november of some as a challenger i don't think you have a challenger yet hopefully you don't and then it's an easy squeezie get right in but there are challenges like for the governor's office for lieutenant governor's office i do think that there's a disadvantage like like you know you gotta gaddis or grunewald running and they're running for lieutenant governor and they're not in office then you've got to gary stevens or or a kevin meyer running and they are in office or is that just howard rolls the the two legislators after mentioned knew that they would be in office and they knew that when they file isn't that right there i think those are the decisions that you have to make yourself like mike shows mike dunleavy this team go ahead and and resign his uh resigned his uh senator seat and so that he could focus.

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