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Yeah i mean that's and what about what they always do women to at lowest the lady's name in new york with leona helmsley molina. This is typical of people. First of all leona was a lot more money. She built an entire mansion and somehow never mentioned that all that money was taken out of her company to pay like twenty million dollars so this is a little bit more plus and all that and leona typically people in her position. Do things like this said. Only the little people pay taxes so right away as soon as you say that it proves motive you can't you. It's like you giving giving your life on a platter to the prosecutor. They loved stuff like that. It's just like martha stewart. Everybody's insider straightening insider trading with martha. Stewart's gotta be the asshole that got martha made cheap. What she did is martha hired former prosecutors from the southern district of new york because they're all buddies together right. Don't worry they were going to help her out so they go down to their office at bring. Oh martha long say well. You can talk to these guys. Don't worry about it. So martha taking her lawyers advice that down in the office and promptly confessed to insider trading. She's like we did. It made no difference how serious it was there. She is confessing to it so ignore it. Is anyone in the trump organization going to go to jail right now. No do you think and listen. You're the asshole who told us in two thousand eighteen. He would never leave office he would never really truly be impeached. And you were right to times over so we just got to rip the band aid off like none of them are going to waste my time on this. I don't want to waste my emotions. Nothing that we have seen so far indicates to me that there's a serious enough crime the send anyone to jail and by the way. There's one thing. I i get very exercise watching these socal lawyers on television describing this. And they're all going on about well. Yeah they indicted weisselberg and they're putting pressure on him and they may indict his kids and his wife and grandchildren in everybody in the world so we could get to trump. and then i keep i. I would like to say to him here. You are advocating extortion and torture of a seventy four year. Old man to get your way and this is how we do justice in this country. You people should be ashamed of yourself. Glenn we're think about it. What are we doing to this guy. What is what crime has to be done for any one of these people to go to jail for murder without would help because so far. Yes i mean. I know people by the posies renovating our taxes. We're walking into the miss america pageant. Walking around the ladies touching them on wanting to. That's why we did a charity. We did the school that knows. That apparently didn't pay for whatever then. The son has a fake charity. Yeah is that is that all we know so far right probably what what has to happen here to go to jail you know. Besides you've just mentioned like how running an insurrection against the united states government. You know that's where you could be indicted but that would have to be done by the federal government and they don't have the appetite to do it. What trump should be indited for fomenting a mob and sending him to the capital to prevent democracy from working now to me that is up there with treason. Yes leah's get nawab. Yep bu- i if you if let's say though. Obviously we all agree. That's great. I was however with the evidence. That's there could it be argued and i'm sure you could do it in a court. That said listen the letters a lot of inflaming Rhetoric they all do it. Nancy pelosi was seen saying like slap in the face. And maxine. waters said. We're never gonna stop. We're gonna get in their faces. We're going to. So what is it what. What is it about what he did. That is indictable about that insurrection. I will trump had to know who is there in this mom. He knew all these the oath keepers of proud boys. All these ex military. And they're all there with their paraphernalia and regalia and their flags and their armor and all this kind of stuff and then what does he do. Let's go to the capital. And i'll be there with you. I'm going with you. You know you expected to be like joan of arc right at the beginning heading the march. What do you need. I know anybody you could parse any sentence that he actually say okay. Let me run this through now. We're here looking up Of the avenue. We're getting the congress you're breaking in. You're going to hang pence and after that you get Pelosi and you're going to take her head off and then all the rest of those liberal democrats. You have to get rid of them. Nobody says that you think the buffy don all right. Here's the list of the people were going to hit. No but there's enough there to make the case because what else is he saying but the lesson is that the federal government doesn't have the appetite or the federal court doesn't have the appetite. I think that makes a department of justice. The department of justice has this long term policy of not doing it. Now let me tell you i..

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