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Thousand back inside the odds couple on this Friday night we do each and every Friday don't forget to find the podcast on the all new PSP and for caramel apple hit us up on Twitter Mike is that north the north I'm a common to Falco simple as that we're going to talk to our guy Jim Miller from Hajin in just a little bit he had he's given out winners each of the last two weeks Mike so that's good all right he's unbelievable right now he's doing a good job in the worst recent business is alive and well to start to get the sports books ready to drive like that Hey by the way Randy okay all right Rainey marking our producer I rolled some of my horse winnings into the it's a gift for his children last Saturday aha I've been to weddings that were not as much fun it was nice room Jackie Mason performed Jackie Mason Arians just there's not a kid there that wouldn't know who Jackie Mason was but I think the adults might have enjoyed Jackie may also in the room thought he was dead and I can write and you guys were you guys before we can be thought Jackie Mason was that there was a DJ and a what they call I think a party accelerator yeah it's a different world was caught after my fifth shot she always gives you can't party party to celebrate her baby you know what I'm gonna do this woman didn't stop for three hours straight and it was unbelievable it was such a fun party and I I just bring in a given my confirmation by the way my mother turned in my confirmation money back in the day because when I went to the service if you don't know if I was coming back well that's it also member to war bonds and stuff your branch for your confirmation and everything else your baptism your confirmation turn them in and bought a brand new caddy and I don't know no not a kid if you bought a brand new car and then she turned and she got rid of my baseball cards which I'll never forget reports I don't miss Mickey mantle's did you really meant all sorts of cards your cards might have been or something my baseball card collection is worth Bob yes of course it's not eating nothing Mike I've got ten thousand cards it might be a whole set back in the day we waited till this corner store opened we asked the guy for a month one of the cards in one of the cards at the front then you get the card you need to open them up you have the the bubble gum I have five cards and your work your **** off to get our money back Mickey mantle all those guys I know I told I've told this story before too when I was a kid the card that everybody wanted was the Ken Griffey junior upper deck rookie card yeah yeah when I finally got that card and I you're talking about nineteen eighty nine every night yeah Mike I thought it was gonna pay for my kids college it's worth about four dollars yeah I mean it's it's my collection is worth nothing yeah that's what my job promotion photo from the score back in ninety two is worth for about the same time it is Griffin was more maybe one night in my home it is for sure Westgate Superbook has Tom Brady odds these are updated they still have the patriots is the favorite this is where Tom Brady's gonna plane twenty twenty I think sol patrons or wanted to still the favorite Titans are their second choice at ninety two then you got the raiders and the Chargers at eight to one there's all this buzz about the Niners the Niners are twelve the one after opening at one hundred to one day have gone they did if I'm either I'd flop I'd swap in the five dollar check all right I would keep Jimmy G. there don't you think watch Jimmy G. all out war it only makes sense okay so forty Niners sign Tom Brady are they treating him right back to the knowing the patriots what absolutely I think you got to keep J. Jimmy G. was one of the main deals that they got on there are you know they had a great defense and everything sure you had a bad game okay my bad quarter yeah quarter while that's part of that game could set you back I know but my god you can't get rid of him now well everybody that the Niners are twelve the one in they have plummeted because the money's coming in all these rumors the culture fourteen one the boxer fourteen to one if you go down one percent no snaps doesn't play thirty to one the bears are a long shot and I'm sure they taken some money just because bears fans are nuts about this stuff but the bears are one hundred one Tom Brady never went through the courting experience in his life okay he's going around in forty two years of age being courted he's going to give my opinion to knowing I think you're right it's still the one to two favorite you know it's like a girl born up to Hugh Hefner saying you know what I want to be the pin up for off for hustlers right or for penthouse are you kidding me you know what the number one franchise back in the day come on Westgate's VP of risk management told ESPN dot com that they're going to let you know yeah they have a VP of risk manager is seen as Everest.

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