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Corwin Hake with community frustration. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg, the politician whose second in line to replace Virginia's embattled governor should a black face scandal cost the governor his job now admits that he too wore black face decades ago, I that eighties yearbook picture next to Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam of a person and black face and other into clansman hood. Then the state's attorney general said the governor must resign now that same attorney general Mark herring says he also put on Brown makeup to dress up as a rapper Kurtis blow in the nineteen eighties. Herring says it only happened. Once. He says he's a shamed. And he's deeply sorry for the pain. It's causing ABC's Andy Field and President Trump's state of the union address last night he called for unity today. The White House says he's ready to reach across the aisle for compromise on a number of issues hesitant wants to focus on his where we can find common ground work together. And and work on proposals. That Democrats can agree with that includes infrastructure that includes trade Mercedes slap is the White House director of strategic communications, the House Judiciary committee. Is holding its first hearing on gun violence in eight years chairman, Jerry Nadler, democrat of New York noted CBC statistics showing that thirty four people are murdered by firearms every day, and I that eighties yearbook. Picture chairman, Jerry, Nadler, democrat of New York noted CDC statistics showing that thirty four people are murdered by firearms every day and one hundred and eighty three injured well, no other country in the industrialized world with tolerate such statistics, in fact, gun deaths and most of those countries barely cracked triple digits annually. In the United States. It is accepted as a grim reality. The committee will hear from gun safety activists and a school shooting survivor as well as a college student who says having a gun could have protected her from being raped alley. Rogan ABC news Capitol Hill the man accused of kidnapping thirteen year old Jamie claws from her home in Wisconsin. And killing her parents was in court today for a preliminary hearing, he has not entered a plea. You're listening to ABC.

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