Donald Trump, Chris Wallace, Devon discussed on Larry Elder


Run for reelection nearly fifty in modern times, that's an unheard of number one of the factors is because of Trump. I believe a bunch of Republicans were gobsmack when Trump one had no idea he was gonna win expected him to lose. And we're. Done by his tweets the attacks against him being called a racist. The fact that he rated his the size of his inaugural and think it scared a whole bunch of these Republican therefore they decided not to run again if however you'd said to them. Two years from now, you know, what's going to happen? Two years from now his popularity will be actually higher than Obama's lease. According to the Rasmussen poll. Consumer confidence through the roof stock market all-time. Highs unemployment three point seven percent lowest black unemployment in recorded history. Would you like to run on that platform? They would have said hell, yes. So whole bunch of these Republicans in my opinion, jump ship assume that Donald Trump was going to be a disaster bought into the doom and gloom narrative that the media kept peddling. And as a result chose not to run. Incumbents generally when their reelection and had at least many of these Republicans decided, well, you know, let's let's give this guy is shot. We'd be having a very different conversation. We come back. I wanna tell you who the actors last rapper who called me and uncle Tom it bears. Dave's question about how can young black conservative stand their ground. Once they voiced their opinion, and they're being called all sorts of bad names, Devon in elk grove village. Illinois wants to talk about Hillary's joke. Devon, please. Don't leave town all that and more triple eight nine seven one S A G and Chris Wallace was on the Steve Colbert show and Wallace made repeated in Trump made about what percentage of asylum-seekers short for their court date. He was.

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