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Competitor have their cash up as a competitor of the mobile banking. But an for for for at least me. In in the crypto world. When i know that square in miami was like not a crypto company but very crypto friendly company run by jack. Dorsey historically been very pro crypto And so like it wasn't shocking in the slightest. I when i when i heard the news. I'm like oh they. They didn't even. It didn't have the money i assumed that like. I don't know half the savings were bitcoin. But i think the more the more shocking or interesting one for a lot of people was micro strategy and michael sailor being the co there that was the first publicly traded company to publicly announce them putting some cash reserves. Think ten percent into bitcoin. In i think since then it has raised because there was a crazy stat there that they made more money of just from pretty that ten percent into bitcoin over the past month or past two months then the entire operating profit than there are company profits of their main business over the past the readers. So i'm sure that i got it of the managed with reports. So that's the crazy thing. I mean one as as an investor in micro strategy if you're a shareholder you have to be really happy on here net news but another hand you gotta put things into perspective of like you know. What are we doing in this industry. If we make it a whole lot more of that industry and i think that michael sailor in recent interviews since has even express that he does want to integrate actual bitcoin products of bitcoin business business models into the actual business of because of that but but speaking about the price because that has really skyrocketed recently a today it actually dropped back down i think west notching five and now it says seventeen something i do believe or may sixteen. Not sure but is this. Is this. just a natural. pull Ah correction a profit taking and we're gonna go back up to that nine hundred twenty ranger or is this a market correction and this is where we should have been of the whole time. Everything i don't know. But i i'm acting as just the direction stats yesterday. Like.

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