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A goodness i'm just going to be honest and they say i was pretty heavy into bachelor ezra yeah early early on my wife and i were proof of light today is give me names the dr guy like we're going how travis yummy we're we're we're way back there was a ghanaian mona moana or mina she wasn't she was like a finalist one year iwr that those a girl named jill gillian harassed yes other thing open okay with canada all right on yeah i'd like leonardo easily live at her fiance's parents has the stomach really yeah okay so yeah me i mean honestly i'm not ashamed to say leash and me i don't think i ever cried but there were there were a good solid five years where we didn't miss and episode yeah i think it's magical television that's great tv y'all have cried over at and i love that do chris the earth in is always the biggest beauty in the leah yeah is also now that guy knows what he's doing and he's he's changed the game the cell good ya and now it's like he's a host of like who must be a millionaire away and had like miss america or you're out his good his guts have you ever signed up for reality tv show now i have he's not 'have now he's not cure for using might tile i lingo okay have you ever fan girl over anyone in the industry met someone where you're like.

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