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R i dot org please look it up folks h friendly r i dot org and we'll be posting these shows on the site so we're very excited about it so you know going back to the whole idea of movement it his i can't tell you hood is saves me each time and i think it's not just about keeping our brain active i think it's helping us from becoming sattar depressed because if on down i went to the gym and i'm like a new person afterwards a second took a drug right i know after i played better fried dried like fraying worthless oh yeah um well the other thing about motion is it's tremendous stress relief so's who were taking care of an older adult loved one that's very stressful if the person has cognitive or physical impairments and you may be taking care of that person for years it is essential to get out there and get physical activity because that's the best stressed buffer there is it's that we have so many people are afraid of alzheimer's and dementia because we here that i think after eighty or eighty five one out of two people will have dementia i mean it's an staggering statistic not exactly then refer cure or call them good first of all if somebody air memory problems before the age of eighty that reflect the eu's not normal aging a lot of people frank if i do if we have long enough why i'll get alzheimer's that's not crew at all in fact at the age of ninety only forty two fifty percent of folk have dementia i interviewed a woman who is now a hundred and ten who still doesn't have enough dementia my dad lived to be ninety six however had them my husband isn't it is not inevitable yeah i agree i mean my father was 95 and was shop his attack my mom on the other hand did have dementia so it it you know it it really depends but i i want us clear with some of these myths because i think you know as we get older we start saying oh my god i can't find my cheese through oh i lot where's my phone from where's my gloves and.

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