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But i will say this. You guys have not picked. Nobody picked the two teams. That i'm going to pick to play in the super bowl. Seton did have one team that. I've been for some reason. I got this umbilical cord attached to the tennessee. Titans and i don't know why because i'm thinking okay. You got a great running back. Tannahill had a really good year last year. They averaged thirty points. Wanna top-scoring teams you bring in a julio jones with aj brown. And then budhu do pre caleb farley. you've added a little bit to the defense and i thought cow lee. This sneaky pick. But i can't pick them. I know i know. I know i know i promise you. This kept me up last night. I kept going. I like the titans pacing the house. No not pacing but like i got up to go get another beer and then came back. But that's not pacing. Yes mclovin if they make it now. You're going to be so bad. It's it's okay because i've talked myself in talk myself out of teams. It feels like every. I talked myself into the chargers almost every year for about a ten year period. I go you know. They got the most hell football. I'm digging the chargers and then you go. My two teams are not going to surprise you. I'm.

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