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Pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show, our Ford podcast. And we're in Nashville, one more hour to go. And then the tournament begins as we have been previewing it all afternoon. This is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year in college basketball last year. We were in Tampa so it's great to be back here in music city, busy show. We've had a million guests from Bruce pearl to Rick Barnes, Jerry stackhouse, the coach at Florida and Mississippi state. We got a couple of the top analysts in the SEC coming up here in a few minutes. The game one hour from now, and your phone calls continue a couple of items to pass along. Jim beheim out after 47 years, he's 78 years old. He said after a last second loss in the ACC tournament today that it's up to the school to decide whether he comes back, they didn't waste any time. They decided they announced shortly after the game that he would be replaced by Adrian Autry his assistant. And beheim is out. One of the most important figures in the game over nearly a half a century won the national championship more than 20 years ago with Carmelo Anthony went to the final four about 6 years ago, but lately has been nothing more than lose. He's one of the top coaches of course he's also coached longer than pretty much anyone else. Chris beard considered the favorite to be the old miss coach that sounds good on paper. He's highly thought of. He nearly won the national championship a couple of years ago. He was at Texas and they were number one this year until he was fired. His fiance accusing him of initially of strangling him or attempting to strangle him. She later were Canada that story and said it was in self defense. The police did not press charges, but the university fired him. He is considered next in line at all mister replaced Kermit Davis and Brandon Miller, speaking for the first time today in 7 weeks since the heartbreaking tragedy. At what he called it, he called it heartbreaking saying there's nothing that can be done to bring back a mother to a young son. He did not say anything else. Alabama plays here on Friday afternoon. We get back to the calls right now and Joseph is first up for the final hour. Good afternoon. Thanks for taking my call, man. Sure. Yeah, I want to say that major 27. We got the debate going on in the schools about the quarterback because Dale and Miller were in college country, but the point is the best one's going to start saving one enough for us and they're not the questions he's joking. With no sense debating and no other court who ever going to get the court lecturer, the holy shit, is going to be able to do it. That's all I got to say. Point blank roll top. We will be national champion once again, roll tide. That's it. Well, I applaud your confidence. I'm not sure if the quarterback situation is in great shape, but there's still there's still a faint chance Alabama can pick somebody up after spring ball. Let's check out James next in Tennessee. Hello, James. Hello. How are you doing? We are doing great. Thank you for asking. I'm just wanting to see what. Football kids this year I'm not seeing you there. Well, we're trying to figure out I know I'm trying to remember off the top of my head before we find it. I think they start in I'll have to wait. Here it is. Virginia's Virginia first game right here in Nashville down the street at the Titan stadium. Austin P at Florida week three, San Antonio, South Carolina, a and M a pretty manageable first 6 games. Part of the Tennessee won't be undefeated. And then the fun starts at Alabama at Kentucky back to back, Yukon, and an at Missouri, and then there's Georgia late in the year, that's the second half of the schedule is really brutal. I can see two games there will be an underdog in Georgia at home though. The Kentucky game, another wild card. So there you go. Thanks so much for the call. Aubrey is up next. Go right ahead. Aubrey, you're on the air. Hey there, good afternoon. Hi. How are you? Hi everyone. We're doing really well. We're doing great. How old are you? I'm ten. Oh, that's a great age. What are you been doing today? I went to school. Oh, that's fantastic. Yeah, but on Friday. I'm looking forward to wondering if we are gonna go to the same tournament because I'm going there to watch our favorite players. Well yeah, we'll definitely be here on Friday. Who's your favorite player? Well, I have a couple. Okay. Hey, I like Taylor. And I like and I like Kyrie Bradford. Okay. Well, that is certainly going to be exciting as Kentucky plays here on Friday. You'd be well. Take care of yourself and don't forget to go to school tomorrow. Let's check out David in Tennessee next. Hey, David. David, are you there? I don't hear David. And by the way, it's hard to hear anything right now. He may be talking and I'm just not hearing it. I tell you what. Dave is up next. Sorry about that. Dave go right ahead. Hello, Paul. How are you? We are doing great. Thank you for calling. All day early. How are you doing today? We're doing great. What's going on with you? Just calling in to check in on the Arkansas Alabama game. I tell you what we're yeah, I apologize, David. It's gotten fairly loud in here. I was not completely hearing your question, but we'll try Addison next. Addison go right ahead. Hey Paul, how are you doing? We're doing great. Thank you. That's good. What do you think it is of Alabama making it into the final four? Edison, I like their garage, first of all, they have one of the best teams in the country. They're going to likely be a number one seed. Now, I don't know, I mean, depending on what they do here, if they don't win the SEC tournament, they could end up the fourth number one seed. They do have some issues. They haven't played great lately, and they have a lot of pressure because of all the things that we've been talking about for 7 or 8 weeks, but I think they will clearly be among the favorites in the tournament. It's a little easier to make an evaluation though, Sunday Night. Once we've seen the bracket once we see who is lurking in their division. Hey, thank you for the call though. Appreciate it. We are live in Nashville. We'll continue taking your phone calls. We'll also have a couple more guesses. We are getting ready for the beginning, the official beginning of the SEC men's tournament. We're coming right back. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast.

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