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Her a can i come. I come ons or twenty eight point all completely by myself. If you wanna take shifts you can go down and get grass. Maybe she needs. Maybe she needs once a week so we could talk once a week. And if you wanna go down to the stater brothers in san diego one of the stater brothers in san diego county which is basically the opposite of paxil like what. Whatever your antidepressant. Stater brothers in los angeles county. And that is the in san diego. County ended is the opposite of antidepressant. It is remarkable what that does to my mood. But it's still worth it because the trip is great. John ross bowie. Taking time away from his many acting auditions a way fed reach with them if need to be But let's check back in with darren cockerels over there at the weather desk try corners So gear the job is over. Are you on call if they need you. How does it work. No but once the vaccine hits i i i will be probably going back unless something happens. But yeah Well i wish. I could if they wanted but i don't know if they're gonna. I'd like to see you back there. I'd like to see back there in the nonfiction. That's right that's right. Prefer to say specialty. Specialities a specialty. I very much enjoyed it. It it had been -ality on it seemed to work. Of course. Great greatfloors henderson. Who was on an episode of never not funny live from san francisco. yeah yeah we have florence centers on And then she was on at the very beginning of the show is very eh. Her schedule was she was told the wrong time and did not seem interested in waiting around did not say it rudely but i was like yeah. You'll be the show starts at one. We'll probably bureau one thirty so the guidelines like to be done by then okay very good. We had arrived at the top of my father's First job of the army was a page for the tonight. Show with jack park. He was nbc page. Oh it was his. This was his his first last ship. Business job But a frequent guest was a nightclub singer in florence henderson and my father always spoke so hayek give her. She was so pleasant so friendly so nice to even the pages Yeah my dorky. Abney rather like kenneth Was apparently just completely. Everybody was completely over the moon in love with her. This was you know this would have been seven or eight years before. Brady bunch right so she was doing a little bit of theater and nightclub staff and But yes she had a terrific reputation around the jackpot tonight. Show glad to hear that again. She was very very nice to us about wanting to just get it over with got she just was giving the wrong time and then it didn't fit her schedule and so on and so forth but i disrupted our show and ruined it but she was very nice about burgoyne aspects. He was very very nice. Hey am i wrong. Was she not in the pilot for the brady bunch was another woman that played the wife in the pilot. While she's in the the the pilot that aired like the first episode is rightly the pilot. Which i'm only assuming that because they have a different house in the pilot And then when the series started they switched the house that we maybe. That's what i'm thinking about. Maybe i'm thinking of the different house in the pilot. Suzy different woman though. We're maybe it wasn't it was. It wasn't a different dude right. It wasn't everybody was there Robert reed says name robert reid. Yeah the great robert reid. He was there allies entire career. No yeah time was sad but Yeah i know. I even alice was in there. What am i thinking of. Then what pilot would it have been where. The mother was different than the very successful series. You're thinking of jeffrey hunter on star trek. I am you nailed it. Thank you for clarifying it. Are you think you're not obviously not thinking of valerie slash the hogan family new. I'm not sure. I'm not complete. Overhaul wasn't a pilot thing that will. Yeah that's like the whole season harper. leaving yeah seasons. Maybe i don't remember how how many they did with with valerie harper. But i went to watch that again recently. Because i do like jason bateman and i do love valerie harper. And that's that's a tough watch fellas a tough watch is streaming somewhere. It was streaming somewhere. Yeah really yeah from my dvd collection. Showplace bring it. I got i got all your harper's work on dvd. You know. i'm not kidding. I watched rhoda as a child. And when i discovered that rhoda lived in new york. I begged my parents to let us go visit rota. And that's what i understood. That's when acting was explained to me a was explained to me. I'm not getting. And i would have been like four or five. And i wanted to go visit road and imagine like my parents who you know again in the business. My father had been a page at nbc. But you know that have no this is not you know. Not being related like no. That's the sound stage. It's probably in the valley somewhere lincoln. We'll explain that the way we could explain it to our children to sort of at a loss of like notices fake are you. What's wrong with you. Yeah i i think when i was still on twitter and miss harper was alive and still on twitter. I think i tweeted her that because she had terminal cancer and it was issue is very public about that. And i was like you know. She'll probably she didn't write back. But i wanna make sure. My side of the street is in order to sell valerie harper. What she meant to me. And what a key part of knee. Doing what i do for a living was like okay. Well i cannot visit road a visit things like this i will go to the place where and again i don't know what i was thinking like. Oh this real woman has an audience. That's.

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