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Journalist mark helprin was accused of sexual harassment why would that be a family value of a freedomloving conservative to sit there like i an eightyearold boy laughing at this guy and and going berserk with pleasure saying oh is another liberal oh god it that's embarassing to me because what goes around comes around that you think this is over and it's going to stick to the left side of the argument you are mistaken let me tell you that we already got a picture of a woman on the other side of seen leering at a woman's breasts oh yes there the miss holier than thou l and the generous is seen leering over a actresses breasts through right on the front of the drudge report go look it's disgusting she holds a self up his everyone's america sister so you know this is that over this is a witchhunt some of it is true some of it is made up some of its just a greedy lawyers who should be put in prison but it's far from over and before the guillotine stopped falling you'll be quite surprised to see whose neck is in the block that's all i can tell you we all know who's getting it next because there is a witchhunt ongoing right now spotty it didn't happen when clinton was doing at the artist part to me though when clinton was actually not looking or touching or thinking or suggesting when he was actually doing an intern do you know what these very selfrighteous people were saying uh the action and again oh yeah look back at the tapes eleanor clift the great journalist socalled of the time fake presidential historians all come on now is just shenanigans all of the selfrighteous phonies shall i say liberal in front of a goahead make a date josh inada gives a bill clinton now every actor every reporter every teacher every priest is suddenly facing a guillotine who knows how how much of it is true and to not how much of it is just fifteen minutes of fame from over the hill you know i don't what do i know about reality who knows of real a person's life so okay now.

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