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Communities all throughout the lower peninsula in Michigan. Of course we Talked about my hometown, Muskegon, known for peer Marquette Park and the Silversides and all those really cool things on Lake Michigan. Patoski very well known as that northwest sector of the Lower peninsula, and this really Really cool place with all those those cute little towns, the L. Pena area not as busy as the West side, but just as cool place as so many other places up north, and now we're going to go to that blue water area. You might be saying, What's the blue Water area? Well, I think it Really describes the area quite well. And to tell us more about let's just say Port Port Huron and more. Let's bring in Katy step. She is the marketing manager for the Blue Water Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Katie, It's good to have you on the program. Thank you for having me love Well, let's let's talk about the region that you cover first, because blue water area people might be wondering where that is. Yes, it's Michigan's thumb Coast, Michigan's thumb Coast. Yes, so it's basically let's say From generally the Port Huron area all the way up to the kind of the tip of the thumb and you guys do such a great job to promote the area. It is I guess I'll say, eclectic area because even though you're all on the waterfront, you have some really different communities all along that area. Me too. I think we have a really good, um, region from, you know the lower end, which is closer to Detroit Almanac area. We've got that island maritime feel with the freshwater Delta down there, which is one of the world's largest And then you get all the way up to the tip of the thumb. And you've got more of a sand dune aecom mountainous area, So everything in between now most people when they're on the water in your area. Would you say most people will experience it by kayak or do people go power boating or they go sailing or, you know what's the water experience there? Oh, that's a tough one. I think it's a really good mix because you know, Lake Huron coming out of Port Huron is really popular for sailors. You will constantly see them out heading under the bridge. But down in the ST Clair River. It's really big fishing around Horsens Island is this Delta area that's very popular for water trails, kayaking, canoeing, You're going to see a lot of fishing right along their car. Voting, of course, is it's just as I'd say. It's a really good mix of all of them. Yeah, probably is that would I'd characterize it that way as well. Now, Katie, you mentioned water trails. I know on your website, blue water dot org. You do have a little feature on water trails makes a lot of sense because you have so much water in the area. Tell us what we should expect to see when we go to your website. Yes, so blue water dot org. If you click on the recreation tab, it's going to give you all of the water trails the hiking trails that are popular in the water trucks category. We have 12 different Paddling routes. One of the most popular one is actually a national water trails. 10 Miles. It's the island loop route to me, That's my favorite because you're getting that slower paddle section. We're going through this lush tropical area under the tanner Gate. And then you're going to end up going under the blue water Bridge back around into the urban paddled through downtown port here on it's very beautiful. Yeah, I like that kind of paddling myself. I've done Whitewater peddling. Um, yeah, It's kind of fun, but you don't really get to see the area. So it's nice to be in an area where you can really enjoy the entire atmosphere, the entire experience and you can certainly do it that way. And the blue water area now, uh You know, I want to kind of give people a little more insights and what they'll find when they go to blue water dot org Because you do very smartly have like a kid's section there. Tell us about that as well. So that's new for us this season, we created a activity blog essentially our activities guide for just the younger Children, So it's right on our front page. You'll see there and it's going to give you All of the great things across the entire thumb coast to do from petting farms to the fun super slides They've created down in Port Huron, and I think it's really great to see this for your young ones, and they will enjoy pretty much anything on there and really a lot of it's going up to Big kids, too. So you're gonna geared towards the entire family on this one, and there's going to be so much to do on there. You're going to want to stay the night. It sounds good. Now you have been doing so much work both on the website, Social media and such so that people can learn more about Visiting the area. I understand you put some videos together on tiktok Tell us about that. Tiktok has been a really great resource. We started our tiktok page last spring. So it's been I guess, a year over a year now, and it has been wonderful. And at first I wasn't sure like okay, Well, how audience are we looking at here? But we're getting a lot more interaction with it now from local saying, Hey, I'm coming to the area. Where can I rent a boat? On on each of the video. So right now, when you go to our tech tech paid to discover the blue Michigan thumb Coast You're going to see over 200 little short video, so pretty much every area of the thumb Coast has had a short little video clip, and it just gives you that that sense of what to expect when you get there. I was there last summer with the under the radar guys, Tom Golden and Jim Edelman. And let me tell you I really enjoyed visiting We, uh, we saw the not only the coastal area but kind of went inland as well. And one of the things that I really enjoyed was just kind of exploring the history of the area you mentioned. It's a Mariners kind of like, uh, you know, culture and history. The area is really all about ship shipping and boating and such So there's a lot of history there to enjoy as well. Yeah, We have a really fun heritage tour that we created also this year, and it's going to take you through. I forget how many points it's something that 30 some points of interest. Throughout the thumb coast, So we've designed in a way that you could do it on your own as a road trip. You could do a couple things at once, and then it picks back up. So it starts from the South and region down in the Clay Almanac. Area and horses Island that goes all the way up to the tip of the thumb. And in this guy, that's a nice pdf cardio. Find our website under the museum's tab. Takes you through all those really interesting point because we have a lot of history here from Native Americans that you can see along the blue water Riverwalk interesting information to all the wonderful museums along the way..

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