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You beat me to it but i was about to to do that kind of analysis myself to just figure out how good are these deals because i have my sources denied certainly like to save money when i travel and i wasn't certain that these these are going to be optimal they do seem to be very good david while i am entering all the information to join one dot one dot one dot one on my debt on my laptop tell us a little bit about what your plans are once you do become president oh that's good good question you know a lot of the the job of being president of s he w kind of keeping the trains moving on time and being the ultimate liaison between our management company but which is kellen and they're based in chicago and they are they are a paid resource for us keeping the trains running between them and the membership and i think that i also bring a some mother attributes to this which is that i have i have a long history with organization and i served in the role which gary actually serves in right now which is a secretary i was secretary for the organization for four years and as i know gary has discovered when you are secretary you get to see where the bodies are buried because you you are constantly trying to figure out well what works for their bylaws with what we have to do here and you learn a lot about the organization and so i'm on coming in with that.

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