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It's it's just so much more depth that mitt let you read so much more into the book exactly and it's good that they do recap a little bit of this because the story in which i was in the brand corporation that was way back in the day that was an amazing adventures volume all youtube number eleven through seventeen and listeners. We actually had an episode about that with guest hosts l. collins and graham mcmillan way back in episode number sixty nine weird science so if you want to hear more about that and about being a total stoner back in the seventies you totally can so beast is like understandably upset with his his role in bringing the <hes> doing research for the brand corporation and is kind of moaning about for a little bit rogue sees them and wants to to know what's wrong and he allows her to touch him and she just like her jogging dislocated she just she flies backwards and yeah. It's pretty upsetting adding it isn't she understands that as there's this announcement about the brand corporation doing a conference on mutants why beast would be so invested so disturbed and they're really appreciate that all the x men characters. I see this happening or like hey that's kind of uncharacteristic <hes> what's going on and roads like dude. Let him do his own thing and that's basically the last we see of the x. Men right there air because from here on out it's just a spine and beast story so i do wanna tell you. I am so happy that i get to be here for this. Because beast was actually my favorite x men when i was a kid oh fair enough yeah and was that mostly from the comic or the enemy discernment animated series and i realized while i was reading this that it might have some into my day to day life. I like somebody who's really really smart and really really here. You're right now. There you go. I guess yeah hub does have some things in common with hank mccoy the roles delightful. They're vote delightful and they know a lot about a lot of stuff very true. Well there you have it therefore hub needs to experiment on himself at the brand corporation and become blue and he'd it'd be even closer. I think so i think he could learn to do with more science. Yes so beast heads off to the brand corporation to see how the research you did back in the day where he accidentally turned himself. Mm self blue might be applied to various purposes because brand was kind of not very cool one thing. I did want to note about east artwork. His appearance shifts as they're. We're talking about different stuff like i really something. I love about comics because i'm a big reader. I read a ton but in comics something that i've noticed is how you're able to shift. Somebody's appearance a little bit when they're talking talking about different things too like when he is angsty he gets to be a little bit more feral and when he is like lincoln around he could be a little bit more feline. It's really really cool and it's really special and the ad so much richness to the story for me. Yeah the beast i think is <hes> an especially good example of that just because he's got this human traits to those animalistic traits and the balance between them depending on on his body language and his facial expression and just a way he's <hes> the way he's positioned the lighting that he's end that can be anywhere along that spectrum and that serves. I think the story here really well as us as we see you know his cobbled complicated relationship with the furry blue mutant. He's become thanks to all this stuff passed. It's now coming back right up in his face and it's always was cool to see how this actually leads into other storylines too. I mean i think about how much work those tiny little comic strips had to do like they had to. They had to recap move action along and then end set things up for the next the next day with this you can fill so much of those gaps in with like character and i could see how you fall in love with these people want them to be part of your life forever. I want to hang out with hank..

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