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Real. Eric are you printing? I am not kidding you. That is that. Oh, yeah. That don't allow that. Ooh. The word we talked about the now say. Yeah. We just did the cake. Go world. Wow. Who sows dust? Just some guy. He's like right in between a crisco Bach, and Eric prince, I think his name. The last. Just isn't anyone famous? He's just a dude named Dustin team. Just in the last name. Man, justin. They call me the old, man. Wow. Don't know what's going to happen. But I am certain. We are all going to be hearing about this fun scam slash multimillion dollar five a one c four in the very near future and probably during the twenty twenty docking. Yeah. Definitely gonna tell people on our podcast, listen to all of your episodes. But like this is I don't give a shit. If you guys want to report the same thing. I'll send you my notes it's fucked up and people should know about five before talking about it. Yeah. That is what we'll talk about it. And we'll say that this talk about a debt. But like. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. The news really fell down on the job of reporting. What the fuck went? Yeah. Really clark. David Clark with an extra at least around eight to ten million dollars. Yeah. That's like I mean, that's spitting money for Eric prince. But I still don't want him to have it. But like it sounds made up like what you're describing is like put that's like some someone would make that up to say like oh by twenty twenty. This is our situation. It's just reality. This is just reality off its who dang fun on the bun. I haven't waiting for you to. Be like, by the way, he was never even like in the military. He was in the military. He got horribly injured in Iraq. I do think he's kind of fudging a little bit when he says it's a capital C combat injury. But that's debatable. It's not debatable that it was a horrific horrific. Again. Well, he was going to battle with his apps at the gym go better with his apps at the jets. The theme it seemed like your I'm not trying to not also no he he's a legitimate like guy who went to war and was horribly injured. Nothing about that. I've ever read seems exaggerate. It's an asshole before the war to just maybe not traumatic brain injuries. Jan that's true. And it's hard to imagine getting hit by a rocket at that range in not having a traumatic brain injury, and they can change people's personalities dramatically. Yeah. All right. Well, that's slightly kinder out. Take a bunch of fun note. I read a neat article recently about a guy named Dr rap who was a an elderly white neuro doctor like brain doctor who had a series of minor strokes and started rhyming things and then started hanging out in like a chunk of Los Angeles. Where there was like nightly rap battles. And just became a fixture of the rap scene in LA for years was like meat like professional rap artists and stuff and was like everybody loved he was just he was Dr wrap with two peas leaving may know. But there's like a documentary that talks about it and stuff. It's amazing. Yeah. It was really the call himself, Dr stroke. Well, pretty good too. Yeah. Dr strokes, definitely cooler sounding. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's you know, just let then again Dr avalanche. You know, what he does the doctor and he's varies. Yeah. Good times. Now, this has been fascinating. I'm very upset that you said are Princess, I don't. I don't. Get you a little little rage. Spike. Every motherfucker comes into something, Trenton rush. Yeah. Well, I've doodle entire page. There's not an inch left. Then I think it's time for y'all to plug your plug Ables. Check us out patriot dot com slash some more news. That's where we are and other places like Twitter Twitter. Same now YouTube same name, I'm Katie stalled with a K A T Y. My Twitter's doctor, Mr. Cody. It's on Twitter dot com. I'm Robert Evans. So if he's not in the room right now, she had to leave. So I'm probably gonna just wild dog the rest of these plugs. All right, Twitter and Instagram at bastards pot. If you want to support to social media sites that are terrible. I'm on there. A lot the Antic hypocrites problems for. If you want to buy a t-shirt, which does not cause massive problems in the nation in the world, you can get a public dot com. We also have cups stickers sell. I always throw a joke in my mind fried right now, we don't sell peace Christ in two thousand nineteen my friend. Yeah. I don't pretend I said something funny about that. I don't have anything funny go to public and by thing buying the bastard. Steve public, we have a website mind. The batteries dot com where you can read all the sources for this super fun episode. You can find me on Twitter at I write. Oh, yeah. Already plug. The fuck. Fuck twitter. Podcast.

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