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Privacy glitch has users the leading or at least blocking the FaceTime app apple has disabled group chat function and FaceTime after user said there. Glitch that could allow callers to activate another user's microphone remotely apple says. There was a technical issue with the app, and the group FaceTime is temporarily unavailable reports say the bug could allow an iphone user calling another iphone through group. Facetime to hear the audio from the other device, even if the receiver didn't accept the call. Meanwhile, a number of apple device users on social media say their disabling the app all together in an abundance of caution until apple fixes the issue. I'm Matt small police say a man helping with the installation of an air conditioner on the Rhode Island food Bank building has died after falling forty feet through that roof. Scott Stevens of New Bedford was cutting a hole in the roof Monday morning when he fell to a concrete floor. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance and later pronounced dead. Local fire officials and OSHA are investigating for Houston. Police. Officers are hospitalized. Two of them critical condition after being shot while serving narcotics Warren ABC's markets. More tells us two suspects were killed in the gunfight experienced police officers, including two sergeant. In their fifties. All the way down to a Thirty-three-year-old police officer, even the police chief this morning echoing that earth for the public to pray for them and their families. Hey, fifth officer was released from the hospital a New Hampshire it man, accused of killing his wife and father pleads not guilty. Jeremy Collella of Dover was arrested last August after the bodies of Joanna and Francis were found in his home. He is charged with first degree murder in connection with his father's death and second degree murder in the death of his wife. Coletta's trial is set for a year from February. He is currently being held without bail Palm Beach county elections supervisor already suspended after problems during the midterm elections. Resigns Rhonda Sanford, suspended Susan Booker earlier this month after voting machines repeatedly broke down during the breakout Palm Beach county couldn't meet the deadline to certify its results for three statewide races. Booker says the state had certified the aging machines and should share the blame. The democrat was due for review from Florida's Republic. Majority. Senate Booker says she doesn't think she could have gotten a fair hearing, Peter King CBS news Orlando turns out former New York City. Mayoral aide forced out of his job over sexual harassment allegations had been previously fired for similar reasons. Kevin O'Brien was fired in December of two thousand fifteen after an investigation backed up a co workers allegations. Mayor Bill de Blasios office says the information never surfaced in any background checks in the mayor only learned about the prior situation because of a story in the New York Times O'Brien has apologized for his actions and blamed alcohol abuse for making horrible decisions a top Vatican official resigns after a former non accuses him of making sexual advances during confession the Reverend Herman Geisler says he tendered his resignation to limit the damage already done to the Vatican's congregation. But strenuously denies the allegation and reserves the right to file a civil suit soliciting sex in a confessional was considered a grave crime in the church as the Penitente is in a vulnerable state and receiving. A sacrament. Eleven nineteen. You don't have to wait for the Super Bowl anymore to see the top city. Sarah. Jessica Parker has already made her debut online in a new Super Bowl beer. Add it has her ditching her signature cocktail again..

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