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Care of inter Miami alongside David Beckham's ownership group, of course, and everything that's come to plan and his partnerships with all his businesses, including Adidas as well. And messy coming towards the end of his career, at least in Europe. So, you know, there's a few things to, first of all, no. First of all, the intention for inter Miami to make this happen and to your point about the offerings of what they want for Messi is all there. They want him there. They're very confident about it. But so is PSG because they're going to have their own offer to put in hand. And Lionel Messi making this very clear is not making any concrete decision until next year towards the last 6 months of his contract. He will sit down with his family, his father, of course, and his representatives to figure out what the next step will be for him. The inter Miami move, whether it happens or not, it's important for people to remember that this is not just about him messy the player. It's also messy the businessman. He already has real estate in Miami. He considers the U.S. being the next part of his team messy project alongside Adidas, you know, he's reportedly also hopefully brings that with him as well. I talked to Sarah here, which gets in 2019. He very much told me how much he loves MLS and the play of scenario is very appealing to him. So there's a lot of things that are being put into place to make this happen. Whether it happens. Now it seems pretty good from MLS inter Miami side that it can. Whether it happens or not, that's up to messy between January and June. That's when he will make the decision. Because PSG still have to put something out there. But obviously for any MLS fund, not just enter Miami. I mean, imagine little Phil Neville when he was a kid thinking one day so you're going to manage your Mexican. I mean, that's pretty incredible, right? I remember, I remember the message in Miami a few years ago, looking at properties. And Paul, and he got mobbed, and the one thing I lived in my long time, I know enough that usually, the biggest Hollywood stars can walk pretty freely in Miami in the right spots. But I don't know who was looking after Lionel Messi, because he got absolutely mobbed. And maybe it's just a different to maybe that really is truly how big football stars are these days that are in some cases, they're bigger than Hollywood movie stars. But he went into this little restaurant, which was just at the road from where I live, which is a more residential area. And I don't think because there's people in the dough. I'm sure that the people in the west got most of rang all their friends. Including the owners and everything. Swarms of people outside the restaurant. Where if he'd gone to one of the ones maybe down on south beach, he may have been more protected and allowed to go outside the back door. This was not going to happen in this restaurant, but it obviously didn't put him off. Into Miami. You see this is a good move. You know this league? Well, first of all, quite clearly if the message do move to Miami, they need to speak to key about all the good little joints. That was my takeaway that you knew all the places. Players like lino Messi, and we've been having the same discussion about Cristiano Ronaldo recently played the early right to do whatever they decide. And one of them feels right, whatever feels right to them. And for their families. I can not criticize that decision. That's what he decided he wants to do. I think it will be a great book for the league. Indescribably so it would be agree booster for inter Miami again indescribably Sue. And for the projected general sports in general, how last thing it will be, well, only time will tell. But from a playing perspective for Messi, he said it's not right. He's easier to be right to play it into Miami to retire at the end of the season to do whatever he pleases. I just still can not help but see Leon Messi in a Barcelona shoot. Weaving his magic as he did a few years ago, regardless of how or what clubs he's played for and I mean that would agree to sort of respect to PSG in a couple of years that he's been there or whatever is to come next. They don't mess in the Barcelona and I should always be how I picture the little magician. Into Miami a good or a bad move for you, James for Lionel Messi. I mean, I think it's a sad move in some regards because effectively brings an end to his career at the highest level with the greatest respect to the LMS. He's never going to win the Ballon d'or there. So that's a chapter closed. He's obviously not going to win the Champions League. These titles that he's judged by, so I think from a European point of view, it's sad, but this is time catches up with all of us eventually, doesn't it? It will be, I think it's 36 in is it June next year. So I don't know whether PSG could sell him another year if there's a chance that this move could happen in 2024 rather than 2023. I think he would surely would be tempted by the possibility of one last go at the Champions League, one last go at the Ballon d'Or. I don't think league titles and probably motivated him anymore given how many is one obviously he's already won Liga. So I would just look at it if I guess from the European point of view. But for the MLS, yeah, fantastic for the franchise for the league for the country, really, to have a player of that statue over there. And he will, he's such an enduring talent that he will be seen to tremendous effect in that league for two, three, four years, which is why if I, not that he'll listen to me. I'm sure if he watches this, you know, just take a moment and give it another year if you can in Europe. I just love to see him. They had in Spanish James. Come on. You can translate. You can trust like for me, but I would just love to I would love to see him every morning. I know all the push places. There will still be those posh places will still be there in 2024. I've been saying posh. I just said places where it may have been a little more to speak. We all heard, we all hate the king. Really? Contact thing, I see some people. I'll help you next time. For a small fee. All right, so would shaker and James will catch up with you guys again throughout the week. Here on ESPN FC daily, looking forward to tomorrow, then Luis, a couple of standout games for us, one of them Portugal Uruguay, the other one Brazil's Switzerland. I know, that's an exciting little schedule there. I mean, I'm excited to see what Brazil is going to look like without name our junior who is injured for the group stage. Danella and by the way kamari reports as well from Reuters that Lucas bacteria has been ill and hasn't been training with the Brazilian national team. So a little bit more. You have won Sunday with that. You've answered it well. And then the other game Portugal order why I'm expecting a lot more from all the way, obviously Ronaldo and Portugal will look to make it another victory. So yeah, super excited. Which game are you looking forward to the most? You know what Portugal Uruguay I have to say? I think Brazil Switzerland obviously it's going to definitely have some interesting parts to it, let's say. But yeah, pie chicken Uruguay that for me is a little bit of fire and I can't wait for it. I will be back. You gave me a prediction. Do I give you a prediction? Yeah. Got a spa draw two two. Oh my God. You're so diplomatic case. I know because it's not being I did say a couple of drugs that worked in my favor, England USA. Well, one of those didn't work out eventually. If you keep making drugs all the time. I'm going with Uruguay winning two one and bring on the Ronaldo haters. We've already got one on here, so not to worry. All right, we'll leave it there, the shall we? She's not really late. ESPN FC daily. We'll see you tomorrow. Make sure you're with us.

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