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For nearly six decades. Yeah, we've done tons of engine repair work, including starters, transmissions, brakes, shocks, electrical. You name it. We've Courtney. Keep counting. Oh, yeah. Three million third. Fixing your vehicle is the easy part. We've been doing that stuff for 12 decades, which is why I'm more interested in how you feel when you leave here so that you come back when you need something else, like an oil change your new tires. We have a pretty cool free flat tire protection plan that covers you. No matter how you get a flat 3,000,050. Thanks, Courtney. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Be safe. Buckle up. And hey, always make sure you've got good tread on your tires. And if you don't you're due for service. So you should bring it into rich sons. 3,000,008 brought Matzke And while I guess we'll see you when you get here, 23,000,020 His burger. Such are refreshing change bitch laws. We keep you safe, warm and drives Emperor by it takes one to know one. You remember that, saying? We believe it holds true When you take pride in your character and your name, it's easy to get a read on whether or not a person feels the same way you do. Those are the team members we want to hire and we're fortunate when we find them. And when we do we treat him right. That's the way we run our business because it gives us assurance that they'll treat our customers the same. If a high character crew is what it takes to earn your business we can help. This is Brad Young booth with Semper Fi roofing and exteriors your local veteran owned and operated exterior modeling company. That's our talkers or doers for your new roof, siding, window and door installation or masonry work. You can count on simplify to keep you safe, warm and drive. And if you're high character person looking for a great place to work, contact us at Semper Fi. Roofing com We keep you safe, warm and try simplify.

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