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I think you're I was telling a second. I think I was saying behind your back and I'm glad it's a negative. I think that it's just simply what we gravitate towards naturally. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I am so in love with the people that are open to different things right and this goes so far beyond the bachelor but at the same time we damn should've had about a black bachelor and I'm not saying I never should've been me. I think I'm a phenomenal said yesterday and my Momma tell me and I know to be true and I don't. I think that ABC is wrong for not choosing me truly don't feel that way. I think they chose the right person for what they want it right and I will say this to my home. Is I never say this publicly. I said that I felt that. If I were to be the bachelor the ratings would go down a little bit but in the next year they will go up even more because they would have captured new audience with me and he didn't have their own audience as well yeah and so I don't I'm not gonNA. I'M GONNA disagree with you but I don't think it's on the fans do that. I think as media rerun America yeah. I think that the stands were more supportive Mike Than Peter I really do. I think this came down to college versus the popular vote I it is a perfect similarly for the if we if we did a nationwide popular vote which I'm still four times confused no it wouldn't. I don't think it would have been tyler in your mind for sexiest man alive sure yeah okay but I think that if it were just between you and Peter her for Bachelor I think he would have won the popular vote but you know the the has they have a story line that they want to focus on and I'm not mad matted. Oh yeah but I do want to go back to just the racist thing for just a second let's talk about. I think it's insane. How people people can like take me criticizing someone in which we criticize Ben? It's part of the podcast it would be really really boring. If we were just positive all the time we criticize so many contestants but I- criticize Mike and all the sudden it's different than when I criticized Kaelin or it's different than what I criticize Peter Being Vanilla but then it's then it's racist when it's towards Mike support what I was trying to make was like how can you possibly jump to that conclusion until you guys know that I'm friends Teixeira and Rachel and the sane man yeah so so again. I think that goes back to that's the easiest thing to do right. If we're all white in this room we will go to something else. 'cause I'm the one black guy in his room. That's something easy to to talk awkward and like. I said I don't pass. I'm hoping here not a racist. I'm not saying that you all right but that some easy speak on it's easy something easy to go to what you said. Earlier was the follower account yeah and Rachel for Your. I haven't seen Rachel Person Brian actually she's. She's a cutie like schrader Yeah Rachel. She's really cutie and I I am sally. Sadly I noticed that I'm the highest I the most followers from Bachelor nation as far as the blackmail significantly lower than people that have had as much screen time pretty crazy. Yeah I think yeah I'm sorry mom find one point that I would love to have you guys discuss and and this is to it's essentially defend Ashley. Even Tyler spoke about that yesterday. When I was in New York with him? He touted as sexy by far right on your he was. We're talking about something. He was like racism you know he's he has two point one million. The average black contestant probably has what one hundred yeah if that if that takes you farther than a lot of cash over half a million but one thing I wanted to talk about is that just to astronaut. I think the third must've happened very close order so one thing is when Ashley criticized you or gave her opinion opinion of you. I actually think it would have been more of a disservice if you did not give your opinion because Mike is Black like if you censor your thoughts it's like everyone on the show should be loved or criticized for their whatever their behavior is on the show. If you're acting unlike ascalon you're an ass clown which he never has been. You're not asking. Did you call our Luke Luke work. Yeah we call that all day long aw so therefore I'm this no I understand Liu so therefore give it to her now people. I don't know her pets guys. Well given your got because you WanNa have a show. Hey I know you guys. You know what I mean. It's it's just insane that you'd blame the color of somebody's skin that here's the thing Mike thanksgiving. Thanks thanks for talking about. We have a lot to talk about with you. lesson also if there were more black representation as far as the stick out this want us to go out and I wanNA talk to you about that coming up after this break because we're blazoned neutrals ambassador nation year by year by year now and I think somebody like you is going to be like be a game changer. Jj if it's on the show or outside of it for a lot of people but before we do that. Let's take one break. We'll come back with Mike Johnson in-depth jared. My place is almost done. We can't wait to show you guys on instagram how it is turned out and how we've made my I place my old place. 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