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That the internet goes away but if the internet goes away you're not going to have your electricity you're not gonna be a player cd's so you'll probably find throw your cd's good what do you do right you know i see that point and and i have a lot of people who ask me about buying a lot of time but you know i spent most of the eighties nineties replacing like meticulously replacing all my peas with cd's and it took me forever and it was incredibly boreas and expensive and i'm not going back man i mean i love records but i'm just not gonna go back and replace all my cd's again with records so it it streaming for me looking for the physical representation of it although it is important for many people and i agree with your point that it's great to keep records alive i love record stores but for me personally i'm not going back i feel you i mean i just i do hear people say oh i need to buy music i need the physical thing that's why like cd's and i just feel that makes more sense with vinyl or frankly with a t shirt so there is room for technical innovation but you know it does feel like this world is set streaming and maybe vinyl and the cd as a d win ruling category and certainly available in used form throughout the nation for the foreseeable future does that phil baron at does feel that right yet yeah i think that's true cd's are definitely dwindling vinyls definitely increasing and streaming is just overwhelming that's that's the way the future and real quickly i mean we we haven't touched his much on the fact that people aren't buying digital fouls which seems to make the least sense of all by a digital file when you can stream in unlimited number for ninety nine a month why would you buy one album for nine ninety nine on itunes unless it's you know unless it's like taylor swift or something where she hasn't put on streaming but short of that it doesn't really make much sense it seems like so yeah.

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