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Please let me get back on Monday, most likely headline forty five percent disappointment in the game of thrones finale. That's crazy. And ROY through warriors up three oh twenty seven percent. By the way, I don't see that. Yeah. Looks I think Portland gets one. I don't see one Brooks. Kept going the PGA. I do see that fifteen percent bucks up three. Oh game tonight. Milwaukee. Nine percent improbable wins the Preakness three percent. Yeah. I know. I mean who the heck knows based on who knows who knows? Hank did give us our picks to four to five seven. Yes. Boss, for your. Perfecta to five is the thing is if you're looking to play two horses to five, which is bourbon Warren, lyndale currently twelve to one in ten to one. Yeah. You know, in here, here's what I will say about game of thrones because the question is, what would be considered what's going to be satisfying teases satisfying to me is I'm done with the war stuff? Okay. You've given me all the blood sport and bloodthirsty and there's no city, I've had two wars and five shows and they've been incredibly shot. I mean it's been a visual spectacle, I I'm all I got it. I want what was so great about this show was the palace intrigue. There's no more palace. But the palace intrigue, the backstabbing, the drama, the politics, I want good character. Conversation and dialogue. That's what I want, and I want to surprise on who's on the throne. And I wanted an oh, you know what moment one? More of them like a red wet in like one more of them. Gimme one more. Well, who's I. John, killing Danny. Is that gonna be about, what that would be one aria any of that? Yeah. That's what I'm looking for you. I don't want any war gang in raving and stuff. Confusing. Straight up big character political intrigue. Big stuff. We got to see some of that, right? We gotta see signs. I don't know how long the finale is. But I'm hoping we come on Mondays eighty eight or by Mike. Okay. Let's go. On next week show. We've got the PGA championship winner. Other words Brooks KEPCO will be on that show. He's now, three hundred through four he's cracked double digits ten under par five clear of the clubhouse leader, Jordan Spieth Lauren in Tony Dungy returned together. Donovan mcnabb's in studio next week. Yeah. I'll be fun. He was there. He was a senior my freshman year collar, you're gonna get him Assan, your Syracuse helmet or that Jim Brad's property timber, we're going to get something else. Okay. Very good. He's related and ice cube right? Those just four in studio. Well, three in studio guests Brooks won't be here, but Brooks will be on Monday. We're going to get the PGA championship.

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