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Thirty eight degrees down to thirty five in midtown twenties in most suburbs. WCBS news time, twelve three. A man hunt is underway for an escaped prisoner who police say bailed out of a second story window while being questioned at the sixtieth precinct in Brooklyn around four PM NYPD issued an alert on Twitter saying the man identified as thirty six year old Isaiah Miguel was last seen running north on west twelfth street in Coney Island. He was being questioned about a robbery police say he's black six one hundred sixty pounds black hair and was wearing red sweatpants red sweatshirt with the word goat and the number twenty three on the back in black lottery. Anyone with information is asked to call the confidential crime stoppers hotline at one eight hundred five seven seven TI PS in an announcement loaded with shock and awe. Governor Cuomo declares the much talked about. Fifteen month L train shutdown. No, go instead of a fifteen month long shutdown and a costly construction project engineers from Columbia and Cornell universities brought together by the governor came up with a plan to do something different. Based on these recommendations, we will not be shutting down the tunnel. And no full closure of service between Manhattan and Brooklyn will be necessary. No L Pacalypse that's MTA acting chair for Nando Farrar. Governor Cuomo says the plan now is to make repairs on nights and weekends. No rail system has used this approach before. So it really is from their point of view. Exciting. I don't know if you can tell but these are engineers excited. They're excited because instead of ripping out and replacing old wires inside the tunnel walls. The proposal now is to install new cables along the outside of the two right next to the trains, putting them in reinforced jackets Cuomo says this is something that's never been done before inside a subway tunnel in the US at the governor's midtown office. Kevin Rincon WCBS NewsRadio. Eight CBS reporter, Peter Haskell. Ran the new plan by some commuters in Manhattan..

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