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<Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> In a story said to me by <Speech_Music_Male> twitter follower. <Speech_Male> Stena lay <Speech_Male> a surface <Speech_Male> lot in <Speech_Male> downtown, DETROIT, may <Speech_Male> be turned into a residential <Speech_Male> development. <Speech_Male> The Detroit <Speech_Male> News and a number of outlets <Speech_Male> reports at a sixteen <Speech_Male> storey condo <Speech_Male> project called the <Speech_Male> exchange <Speech_Male> is coming to the trying <Speech_Male> a lot of grass <Speech_Male> brush and mccomb <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> sixteen story, <Speech_Male> sixty four million <Speech_Male> dollar plus project <Speech_Male> would have more than one <Speech_Male> hundred fifty apartments <Speech_Male> and condos <Speech_Male> and sit <Speech_Male> on a half acre of <Speech_Male> land. The <Speech_Male> developer grasset <Speech_Male> acquisition partners <Speech_Male> is looking for <Speech_Male> two point million dollars <Speech_Male> in Brownfield <Speech_Male> tax credits, <Speech_Male> and that <Speech_Male> hearing is in about a week. <Speech_Male> Media reports <Speech_Male> say the developer <Speech_Male> is associated with <Speech_Male> lift build, and <Speech_Male> that is. Is a Barton Mallow. <Speech_Male> Company of course. <Speech_Male> Bart Mallow is one <Speech_Male> of the larger construction <Speech_Male> companies in the <Speech_Male> area. The project <Speech_Male> would be <Speech_Male> complete by <Speech_Male> January of twenty <Speech_Male> twenty <SpeakerChange> two if <Speech_Male> I'll get the green light <Speech_Male> well first of all, Jerry <Speech_Male> I just say <Speech_Male> that it's refreshing <Speech_Male> to hear <Speech_Male> This kind of like <Speech_Male> good news I. Mean you <Speech_Male> know we'll <Speech_Male> see if this happens <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> and gets all <Speech_Male> the way through to <Speech_Male> actual <Speech_Male> construction and everything. <Speech_Male> There's a long way to go. <Speech_Male> Obviously, it's as we <Speech_Male> well know, <Speech_Male> but it is nevertheless <Speech_Male> good to hear <Speech_Male> about somebody <Speech_Male> planning to splash some cash, <Speech_Male> and and actually <Speech_Male> do something <Speech_Male> here during this horrible <Speech_Male> economic <Silence> time that we're experiencing. <Speech_Male> It's <Speech_Male> also really good for <Speech_Male> Greektown. Because <Speech_Male> Greektown is <Speech_Male> right now. <Speech_Male> They're just way too <Speech_Male> much of downtown, <Speech_Male> Detroit. There are way too <Speech_Male> many surface <Speech_Male> parking lots. There's way too <Speech_Male> much real estate <Speech_Male> that is wasted and <Speech_Male> devoted to. <Speech_Male> Daytime <Speech_Male> or time <Speech_Male> event parking <Speech_Male> at that really <Speech_Male> has killed off <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> kind of fabric of that <Speech_Male> neighborhood I mean. <Speech_Male> You know <hes> <Speech_Male> you remember <Speech_Male> <hes> New Hellas, <Speech_Male> of course, right of <Speech_Male> corners on the corner, <Speech_Male> which today <Speech_Male> is just <Speech_Male> a surface parking <Speech_Male> lot i. mean they destroyed <Speech_Male> one of the <Speech_Male> anchor <Speech_Male> restaurant? Institutions <Speech_Male> <hes> in <Speech_Male> Greek town and <Speech_Male> on Monroe Street <Speech_Male> and turn it into a surface parking <Speech_Male> lot same with <Speech_Male> The like <Speech_Male> cafes now <Speech_Male> demolished that <Speech_Male> so that they could build a <Speech_Male> pedestrian tube from <Speech_Male> the parking garage into <Speech_Male> the Casino I. Mean <Speech_Male> You know <Speech_Male> we've killed? What <Speech_Male> made Greektown <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> good over the years <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> drain the life out of it <Speech_Male> so <SpeakerChange> glad to see <Speech_Male> some being added back <Speech_Male> in Oh for <Speech_Male> talking to someone over the <Speech_Male> weekend, and they were <Speech_Male> kind of blown away <Speech_Male> that if If you wanted <Speech_Male> to make downtown <Speech_Male> Detroit <Speech_Male> like much <Speech_Male> more dense <Speech_Male> more like a Chicago <Speech_Male> or something like that <Speech_Male> you'd basically like <Speech_Male> you basically <Speech_Male> would have to move everybody <Speech_Male> who lives in <Speech_Male> sterling, Heights <Speech_Male> or Lavonia <Speech_Male> into <Speech_Male> the seven point, two of <Speech_Male> downtown Detroit, so we <Speech_Male> talk about density. <Speech_Male> We don't even really <Speech_Male> know what that is around <Speech_Male> here and I <Speech_Male> mean I. Just think it'd <Speech_Male> be so much better for <Speech_Male> the streetscape in everything. <Speech_Male> When you've got residents <Speech_Male> down, there got <Speech_Male> people circulating Greek <Speech_Male> towns got some great <Speech_Male> old buildings, <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and just <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> a lot of cultural <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> history and affinity, <Speech_Music_Male> if we <Speech_Music_Male> can kind of build on that <Speech_Music_Male> and do more than just <Speech_Music_Male> a casino, <SpeakerChange> I <Speech_Music_Male> think that's a positive.

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