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Is destroyed seven apartment units has happened. Your fourteenth avenue south western white center media, we call the fire department within a couple of minutes who was taking away our fence and almost coming into my home firefighters were injured one was hospitalized. And it's been a busy day for firefighters in Pierce county. We're the second to brushfires led to a call for evacuations firefighters. Uneaten Ville urged people living along Jackson road. We're fire is still burning your three fifty second street east to leave that fires burned at least twenty four acres earlier. Flames burned through an area off of south prairie road and east Pierce county before firefighters there were able to control it a measure to expand access to affordable health care and provide stability to the individual insurance market was debated in the state Senate health committee today. Komo's Ryan Harris has concerns raised by both sides. What the Bill requested by governor? Jay Inslee would do is kept premiums as well. As reimbursed providers at Medicare rates Meg Jones with the association of Washington healthcare plan says the Bill could create unintended consequences and the lower premiums mean fewer dollars spent on claim payments as you suppress premium rate. You're suppressing claims, and it means that the expense. Ratios are going to look artificially larger harshest deadman, president of health care for all Washington says it's supports the bills goal of improved access for people who can't afford care. She says the Bill is missing. Being an important piece. The governor wanted we would offer an amendment for your consideration that would actually create a public option in this Bill that was originally announced as a public option Bill. This is one of the companion versions of the Bill each of which is now in the opposite house, Ryan Harris, KOMO news. We'll have more money for the state budget in the coming years that from the state economic and revenue forecast council chief economist Steve lurch projects three hundred seven million dollars more for the current budget and five hundred fifty four million more through twenty twenty one. We're looking economic forecasts both nationally and for Washington, not a lot of big changes. But what we have had some very strong revenue growth pieces says Washington disappointing jobs report for February. But job growth is expected to turn around. Lurch also listed Boeing as forecast risk due to the grounding of the seven thirty seven max planes, but says its effect on jobs and personal income in the state is not yet clear the gigantic task of counting every person in the.

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