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New bath or visit us said Metro beth dot com w T O p News time 9 18 traffic and weather on the H We say good morning to marry to pump it in the very busy W T o P traffic center. Yes, indeed. Chris. It sure is, And it's a crazy to hear As the snow moves across our region, just covering it off from west to East going into Maryland and just hearing the accidents pick up on our scanner system. It's one after another after another. Now on 95 in Maryland, running South Bend near Route 100 with a new accident reported inbound 50 before you get to the Baltimore Washington Parkway, stay alert on the right side. One into the Jersey Wall has a help truck behind it. Listener just informed us now on the outer loop of the Beltway after Branch Avenue near Joint Base, Andrews, the new solo spin out sideways on the right side of the roadway. This is what we hear one after another. All of the roadways getting coded. All of the accidents begin to happen. If you need to be out and about on an early Sunday morning, you're going to run into a lot of plowed chucks. Please give them the opportunity to treat the roadways Baltimore Washington Parkway. Shop on your powder mill was the new accident, watching both directions there for any help coming to the scene, and the parkway is starting to slow down as it gets coated all the way inside of the Beltway will continue on the Beltway, the outer loop that was after Georgia Avenue around by the temple with last report. We had crash along the right side. They'd been there for a while, It could be they've cleared. We haven't gotten the update, Just ship nonetheless. Drive on the defensive. We had two accidents reported at last report on the inner loop after the spur that was on the right side. The outer loop after the big curve they to run the right side. George Washington Parkway ramp to the inner loop of the Beltway. Just add a little water. Now add a little snow watch for police on the scene of the crash there, South and 3 95 in Virginia. The ramp to go the outer loop has been restored. It was closed for much of the morning thus far. So that's better news bridges, ramps. Overpasses have been the big story in Virginia and the secondary roadways which a coded so give yourself extra time Listener reported he was on 95. Wet pavement for the most part, But once he reached the Springfield interchange on the elevated ramp, it was very, very slippery. Married to pump a w T o P traffic, very science. Now let's check in live with Storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. Then Chris thinks they're moving right along everyone getting snow right now of some intensity, most of it moderate, But there are occasional pockets of some heavy snow.

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