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And my mother in law got it for me for Christmas last year. I remember that great debacle. Yes. Tell the story. Tell the story, beeman. Come on. So after it was like two it was almost a month after, wasn't it? Something like that. It was a while. She challenged the charge on her card. She didn't really recognize it. So we only had to go through that and figure getting that taken away. Yeah. That's embarrassing. Welcome to the scary email saying somebody has refuted a charge on their credit card. And I was like, what the hell? I'm like, I'm like looking at it. And I was like, beaming. Luckily, it wasn't. Luckily, you didn't steal somebody's identity to sign up for pre flop boot camp. I was like, is that even his name? Is he just a fake person that went through the program? Decided from there to just purchase the rest. Yeah, just buy it by the rest of the day. Yeah. What led you after boot camp to buy the other courses? Hunger for knowledge, to be honest. It was at that point where I started understanding where I should be starting at and I want to know where to go and how to acquire a win rate on ignition or ACR or even understand all that. So guessing that boot camp is okay. Oh yeah, I enjoyed boot camp. I learned a lot from it. I started thinking about the game a little bit differently, just from a complete novice, even though I've been playing for a long time, I would say a complete novice to after boot camp just to understanding like that first, the first step was first, yeah, the first step. Yeah, the first phase of this crazy game. That we learned and play. What's your struggle now? After going through the courses, fish and barrel, feeding frenzy, knuckle, preflow boot camp. And probably fishing with dynamite too. Which I haven't even like marketed or sold publicly yet. My struggle now I would say is more is probably still like on the turn. I'm getting much better at knowing when to see that how much either small or larger feedback stuff like that, how that works, how that plays into the game tree, but on the turn, I still find myself getting lost and you know and as soon as the hands over, whether it's positive or negative or whatever. Oh, I should have, you know, probably check that turn. I would never get more on the river save myself on the river or I said about that turn for sure. Yeah. But you know I don't I'm not able to put in a ton of volume or anything like that. So I'm still, you know, feel pretty positive about where I came from to where I'm at now. Well, with having. So what's interesting is having awareness that the turn is a spot that you're struggling in is a really big upgrade. That's a really good thing to be aware of where your struggle is instead of having no awareness of where you don't really know what's going on. You know what I mean? It gives you a target to shoot at moving forward. And you know, I think it is a learnable thing. And it's always good to keep stock of these entry points to where you can investigate learn, upgrade your thought process in specific situations like you just had like the turn. So out of all the training that is on the market that I guess that you have tried. How do you think the CPG stuff differentiates itself from all the other guys? The first major is, I mean, pretty much anything on the market now is GTO, solver. Kind of that line where this is more about actually analyzing the data the pools that we play in and what's really going on rather than playing against the computer or somebody else that plays perfect or if there is even that person why do you think that why does that resonate with you other rather than solver? Well, I'm playing 25 or 50 NL on ignition or ACR, which I don't really do as a sneaker. It doesn't matter how high you play really. Well, I don't think I was just saying that that pool is definitely not, you know, study in the solvers as much or maybe there are studying of playing it or I just think what's resonated with me is that the data you're looking at and building these off of seems to come from the actual people that we're playing against. Yeah, that's the computer. Yeah, yeah. That's the point, you know? The specific player profile, the recreational player, the fish. That's unstudied, and more instinctual. We'll have the same bad habits, whether they're applying 50 NL or two K and L, that's just kind of the reality of human beings. In the world, we're a fish, dark bits to flood. And you don't know what to do. One man the coach Brad Wilson as a sure fire.

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