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Of course drugs and mental illness and lack of security isn't as all bring those kind of stresses. Yeah and it's unfortunate that there's not a way to try to treat the problem and not the symptom symptom being just people going. You know like losing it and killing people but figuring out how do we. How can we get better access to mental health treatment and drug drug treatment in before before in Portugal watchable? It seems to be working as they decriminalized all drugs and incarceration obviously goes way down but HIV new new infections have dropped to the lowest levels in countries sharing needles. Because they can just go well. People are able to seek help knit without fear. Incarcerated right without without the stigma stood miss a big one that makes people go towards things you know we. We all relate to being told. Oh you can't have that cookie looking child and dangerous warning the cookie Ed Right. There's something in us. We're hardwired to want to break the rules a little bit. You know. All of us Anyway I think that we should be looking at places like Portugal and going. You know what it doesn't have to be right but it works. Ray Works and and stop acting acting like our identity. Our national identity is predicated on heavy a war on drugs which is a big joke and everybody knows it or Now there's a ton of things that we think are really necessary to being part of America part of New Zealand pot of anywhere. They're just not sir so I really really really hope that well. There's a lot of things that I hope. I think it would be fun. You know if you got to go back and Revisit Zena again. I also think it would be really great to see you on like a real gritty crime drama. Show 'cause it's you are you live at. You are so passionate about it that I just. I think it would really connect and land for you in a big way. Yeah that'd be nice. Thank you from your from your mouth to God's ear. Yeah Yeah I don't know I mean maybe since you do right. Maybe it's something to think about pitching I I just I feel like it just feels like there's something there and I know it's very it's something that you just do and maybe you don't WanNa turn something that's kind of like your fascination and meditative space into like a job but at the same time it just seems to me that there's there's there's really something there for you like in a real way that might that might pay off so I don't know maybe in your free time this is think about taking some notes come up with the show and and Pichit because I I really really really believe just hearing you talk and I can see your face. People can't see your face your eyes light up when you when you talk about the process of it. I mean it's clear that you're passionate about good okay. Yeah Okay what your show would be. Do you like doing the American accent yeah yeah. Dan Fit Rusty. But because even you this is a super nerdy thing to say but as a big simpsons fan your simpsons Halloween episode rate great. But if I remember correctly I think you're doing an American accent in there. Tell them not. Lucy lawless is doing the Zina Voice Xena Museum. Yes Zena doesn't fly a told you. I'm not seeing Lucy lawless. Yeah that's right uh-huh and also fun gentle swipe at COMECON culture in a delightful fund way way. The collector was fun. But is there anything you want to plug or promote or anything. You are excited about right. Now I've been meditating tasting. I got yeah TM. Because I got kicked in the head like a year ago at Yoga and I've had a couple of concussions in my life and It just got harder and harder bit. It was causing some problems and I went to see some body with that. You know you have a concussion and you got whiplash from both sides of Nick which has probably been around for like Dick Various places. He doesn't really feel like a place. You get contact injured. Heard I know she was an overzealous hand standard anyway but I find that. TM has been the most fictive Ed at little brain slowdown in and start to heal. And I feel so much better but has his other collateral effects all just shutting out the noise of life and making me far more focused and far more you can just go deeper into things and I don't know what you're wasting time. So twenty minutes once or twice twice a day it seems like a lot of time to carve out but it buys you hours and hours. No I've been doing it for a couple of years. Then and the twenty minutes in the beginning feels a little. Oh excruciating. 'cause you're like what am I supposed to be doing but it doesn't take too long before the twenty minutes is just over. Hey empty do it like sitting cross legged. Ah I cannot. I did that this morning. I couldn't walk normally think you're supposed to do. I don't think you have to do it that way but I just Wanna I just WanNa sit on the ground so I can get my hips look. I'm just trying to help my health as you get older. You want to be really mobile right but by Golly. I don't think I can do that. I I would. I would recommend just doing stretching foam roller not not in my suitcase. Whichever way travel sites rollers like I got? I got a roller for free. The water bottle a water bottle and a roller. It's got these like ridges on it and when you do it you roll out you lie on it and you basically like roll around until you find hidden spot like some spot and then you just kind of sit there for a second until it works itself out because if you just sit cross legged for twenty minutes I I back if I got on my knees on the floor right now. After five minutes I would be limping for like twenty minutes so I don't I the way that I was starting to see. Am is you just get into a comfortable position. That it's supposed to be a seamless and simple as possible and after it was yet. I'm going back to the armchair after this pushed. I all the furniture to the size of the room. I just sort of sit on the ground now with them cushions and things but But Yeah I'm going back to the chief meditation for sure. I feel like back trying to do that. After five minutes out elegant. We'd be able to fix it. I only made it fifteen minutes this for the soldiers. Yeah I think that's just that older idea of like to meditate. You have to sit straight up and you have to well. That's that's why I think the idea of meditation is so daunting thing to people because they do have that notion of like you know like this perfectly flexible yogi fellow who just meditate own So hard you know. I just got to meditate so hard. It's like Addison of doing anything you know it's like you're not you're trying to not like I I do a guided meditation. Because I don't trust myself do a real just use your word. Yup Yup I do. Yeah and and a lot of times I I my brain just starts in trying to engage and stuff and I just try to remember to do the word. You didn't bring it back to like. This is what I'm here to do and once you can kind of accept that there's there's no real wrong way to do it. Everyone's going to be every every different sessions going to be different. Then it's sort of like the seems to anyway it does it. Changes changes your life in a really strange I am. I feel so ridiculously com was days. I think the other thing too is on a subconscious level. Much the same way as if you stretch your you. Exercise eat healthy. Not when you make those choices. You're basically on a very deep level saying to yourself. I am worth taking the time to do something. ooh That's helpful and so there is. There is almost an acceptance of yourself in that way. Because it's it's difficult to do things consistently if you you know like if if you really have it out for yourself right you wouldn't make those choices and so I think on a subconscious level you're doesn't change doesn't happen with his finger wagging more self. I just doesn't happen because then you then that just creates a cycle up. Shame and self loathing and then you're just not in your spiraling you don't get anything done. Yeah so I think in a way not only. Is it sort of doing all of the things that you know like rest and all the stuff all the chemical stuff. But I think there's also like a real spiritual self and self and subconscious like. Hey I deserve to feel calm. I deserve it's like an acceptance of yourself. I think I don't know but I eh hope that you feel welcome to come back on this podcast anytime you want to talk about murder shows or tm or or the you know the inevitable scenery booth anything that you WanNa talk about your welcome to come on especially if you move into the neighborhood. Yeah neighborhood the neighborhood by God. It's great up here views. The views are good. But it's also like it's very quiet up here but you're two minutes from everything you know the the only noise you hear at night is sometimes you'll hear coaches and it Kinda Nice. It's Kinda Nice. Yeah thank you for being here. Lucy lawless going to go get the Necker Dhammika and show to you. And this is where we will end the end gaining complete eight enjoy overeat..

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