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And for all of us it's about particularly worthy the consumers going in getting half of it right one of the things we wanna do is create adds that don't suck the bracing chains creates blade possibility i'm alan heart and this is marketing today this is a special episode of marketing today today i've got a fellow podcasters drew nizar who runs the podcast renegade thinkers unite everyone to check out that show and we do a little banter back and forth mostly interviewing drew for his 50th episode it'll come out simultaneously with this one but were also reflecting on what we've learned to this point and also what drew's learned having written a book as well caught the cmo periodic table we age were just at a conference together and this was on the heels of that conference in reflecting on some of the questions like when are we think of sia mas we've interviewed while over i would say three hundred at this point different cmo for that matter what makes a good one which it marketers be thinking about and much more i hope you enjoy this special episode of marketing today with alan heart andrew nizer hey this is drew admits the fiftieth episode and i thought we would do something kind of crazy here i'm here actually with my buddy alan hard who has the podcast marketing today and we decided to have a a little fun and he's going to interview me it because this is episode fifty which means i've interviewed forty nine plessey other two hundred that i interviewed long before that two hundred chief marketing officers and alan is interviewed a ton of folks so we're going to bring you the wisdom that we have such as it is and see how it goes so alan thank you so much for helping out him being on episode fifty oh it's my honored to be here and we interviewing talk in the eu turning the tables jess hopefully you like my question is as much as i like yours yeah well and i promise that i would pepper alan rightback if i didn't like a question so on his turn right back on them so let's talk what do you got for me if it's okay with you i think your favorite question that i ask.

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