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I just wanna thank you and your staff for allowing me to talk to you. Sure. What's up? So Mr. Enzi, I'm little bit of a fork in the road at the moment. I career I have the opportunity and privilege as the last years for working for my father. We didn't heating and air conditioning locally Sam Marin county, and you know, how counties the county it's very populated obviously gonna make a good wage out here to actually survive. I don't make that great of a wage to live out here. I make wrestling twenty dollars an hour because I guess living. However, my question to you would be if I need to take a critic Shane's in career choice that would be different from not working for my father currently. So you're you guys are two person operation. No. There's actually a small company about seven or eight of us. Okay. All right and your dad's been in the heating and air business for how long. So this company has been actually my grandfather's everything and business for forty eight years. And so your goal has been all along to take over the company someday. It's funny. You say that honestly, Mr. the three years ago 'cause I'm twenty two now I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I kinda took this leap of faith. You're seeing if I would like this career passing ended up being something that I wanted to stay in do. But the real question becomes now. Do I keep the legacy going and know that I'm not gonna take as great a pay or do I go and find, you know, a different job at different opportunities that would allow me you know to. So I guess you would Say say. financially. Excel where I'm currently at today in. Future. Well, I mean, you're twenty two. So when you're thirty two you would probably be running at least part of this operation, correct? You know what? That's honestly, something I have never discussed thought. Because right now, I'm just I mean. This. You're making your decision based on twenty dollars an hour at twenty two years old, and that's not the that's not the data point that you want us to make this decision. The data point is that you want us to make the decisions. What does the future? Look like if the future ten years from now twenty dollars an hour. Yeah. I'm with you. You got a problem? Okay. But if the future is how old is your dad. My dad is currently forty five. Okay. So ten years. He'll be fifty five twenty years. He'll be sixty five. Right. Okay. And so you gotta think about where are we going to end up because you could end up owning a sixty person heating and air company making a half million dollars a year as the owner. Why could you not grow it? Why could you not learn marketing, what could you not learn management, and leadership and accounting and grow a business? You know and say, okay, I'm not gonna just own my job. This has been a small operation. It's supported my family. Well, my dad did okay with it, obviously makes more than twenty dollars an hour. Agreed. Absolutely..

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