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Us. I think he went to that. Great beats people, a voice town of this guy. I'm Rockin roller, but not that type of the who are coming to town. We're going to go see the who. Okay. So did you hear about what happened to Roger Daltry screaming at the front row people? Smokes. Wade blank. Messes with me through, and it causes me all sorts of problems as allergic to eighty seven. Okay. I feel like sorry Roger if you're going to still do rock concerts. And if you don't affect the smell of marijuana to filter up to your level, right? You should stop doing rock concerts. That was. I mean, that's how you make literally an announcement at the beginning of the show. I wonder if you don't do me a favor if you we gave out to the bathroom is this, the first time in, in the hundreds of concerts, he's done. Maybe thousands that somebody was sparked do are you there? The front row. I remember he did he came here once and I can't remember who the orchestra was was it, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, but some sort of an orchestra or fancy organization. We'll put Tommy toback him. Yes. And doing a medley of songs too, right? So I got a little late starts with a medley of who songs, and I start to go into this woman in a blue jackets, like, sir, you can't go into the song. I'm like, no, no, no, no. This isn't classical music, sir. You can't just burst in I'm like, it's not Roger Daltry is going to go. We won't get fooled again. Wait a minute. My train of thought has been thrown off guy, just burst in the back that I'm like this is rock and roll. It's not going to matter. She said, sir, this is Heinz hall. That's right. Not even rules hoop. Dee freakin do new rule opened the door. She finally opened the door because the medley was endless, I would have half the concert. Let me I, I saw him up into not Detroit. Cleveland recently with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra doing the Tommy, did you? Yeah. When I see him on clips on television now I feel like it's done. I'm not going to pay money to see the who heard people, so excited about it. I love the Hutu can't hit the notes or even come anywhere jokes about it in the one time you hit this note, he tried like four times, and he was laughing. The people are laughing. It's not like he's sounds awful. It sounds awful awful. But what do we do? Then do do we listen to top forty come on. Get. No. I understand you gotta stick it out. I saw him I guess it was in the late nineties at star lake or whatever they were calling it then the bass play was still alive. John entwistle. And I'm exact Starkey gringos kid was on drums, and he sounded pretty good then. But that's the last time Jack still does. So does he drums? Yeah. And they didn't eat them at the at the civic of Reno. Maybe now. I think it was still hearing. A new place and I haven't been to the new place. Isn't it that new anymore? No, it's not even has its second name since it's been the new place. Yeah. Oh, that's right. Yeah. They had on. They had a huge screen up and they showed them. I can't think of his name, the former drummer, Keith moon. Keith moon playing drums along with Zach stark. Interesting. It was it was really cool. How he did it because he was Keith moon was phenomenal drummer. Well, he was a bit of a nut to some people thought he was a little sloppy. Muse classic. I never figured out how good was, but he was right for them. He was perfect. There's a great video of him passing out and falling off his stole in the middle of a concert. And of course he's laying there in a heap and, and, and me and my memory for names. Good heaven Townsend. Thank you, Pete. Townsend says does anybody play the drums? That's right. Wait a minute does anybody play the drums? Well. Came up and played with them. There's the rest of the. Yeah. I remember that they had to drag him off the state, and he also is the one. What was it like the smothers brothers show? Or, or one of those shows they used to do the variety shows where he set off like an M eighties in his drums. Oh, I didn't know that right in front of Townsend. And that's from Townsend lost part of his hearing because he's thing goes off. You know, it's like half a stick of dynamite. I saw him in the seventies and Chicago. I saw him in eighty nine in Tampa, and they still had all their powers. I mean, you know, Roger Daltrey thing, I remember that Starkey, of course, for our listeners aren't aware, is your son. Who who I remember that eighty nine concert for two reasons, I was had a slight buzz and I was walking with, like eight beers and ate. Hotdogs, I don't eight but as a bunch for the whole gang going really slowly trying to keep my footing the crowd, somebody going the opposite directions, max, my beer. So I kept walking. I took a hotdog smacked her with it right in the back of the head like from your, caring, eight beers, and presence of mind tip zero hotdog at and the other thing, I remember for that as these two guys behind me was started the fighting and I stood up and I was I was I was the peacemaker. Mike. Hey man had always work and they looked at each other. And then they didn't fight any more. I sat down. And then when I came down later, I realized what was I doing? I could have had my head bashed, but at that moment, I was just like we gotta be groovy man, I can enforce the groovy right here right now. I, I got lucky my friend of mine's dad, a friend of mine's father told us when we were kids never someday. You'll be in a bar. Nobody a fight breaking out. Don't try to break it up. You'll get beat up and arrested. I've, I think her wholeheartedly with that assessment of cons and whatnot, nothing's worse. I've been Steeler games for fights break out on my come on. It's a Steeler game. Guys watch the game. I knew the groovy was over when I think it was the late seventies. And there was a concert at, I think it was some Hof a race track near Chicago authors as track Gary, right? Yes. Oh, Leonard Skinner and Peter Frampton. But because they used to have those then everybody was trying to do mini Woodstock's. Right. You know, even a decade later, and I tripped over guy, Mike. Sorry, go it up for my people are like I don't care what your paper. Okay. The sixty seventies or officially over that is the time to be mean. Selfish. Punks again. Frampton is coming to town again. Is he? Yeah. Like Heinz Benetton center or something. Yeah. Yeah. Something I guess I did hear he was touring. I've seen Frampton twice at the civic arena, and then at Metropole, which is that was that barred on the strip district. Oh, yeah. I remember to drop attendance size from civic, green. It's a Metropole. I'm, I'm so glad have you seen the video of Mick Jagger since we're too old white guys talk rock and roll today on radio. The video of Mick Jagger doing dance moves just to get ready for the resumption of the tour. He looked valley. Look like Mick Jagger. Yeah. Right. I wanted to prove to people, I'm not dead because he had some serious, went heart surgery. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm annoyed that. Why isn't it coming back? Here I went to the Heinz field show. It was sold out. What, what what's wrong with Pittsburgh? Yeah. That was the last time I saw them to were you there too. I think we discussed. Yeah. Yeah. That was really good. They did well that night. It's amazing, isn't it? I was there early, and it was sort of fun. I back then when I was phone tearing for my daughter's high school band, and we ran a snack bar. So the money would go to the band. And so we got 'em really early to set up a snack bar, and all of a sudden, I hear mixing and we run out, and he was practicing with Penn State's choir. Would they sang? I was actually doing a remote for this radio station. My boss, Jim Gracie was there. And when I heard that them practicing it offensive I ran to the gate just to hear it because I didn't think I was going, and I'm like, oh, man. At least I got to hear that, that is pretty cool. And we were just up from him. I'm saying we're one hundred and fifty feet from the stage because we are on the side, and of course, nobody's there and they stopped at one point an ice cream. Hey, welcome back and I waved. Didn't. Yes, I did in your head. He did. I can scream pretty loud, and it was dead. Silence. In the state has that guy that used to it. Yeah. Single bullet fan. As why somebody yelling and interrupting rehearsal. Security republican. He's a guy. I saw him at Westview park back in the day. Your. I think I was living. That's a great story because they came to America long before they made it even marginally bake. No. I've read that many times. They were playing in a dance hall. Nobody cared. And Chuck Brinkman, who is the legendary picture was was charged with, as he said, in interviews, getting four dates for them. And of course, over the years probably four hundred women claimed over the four women who went out and make and Keith and the rest of the gang normally I wouldn't do this, but since he's retiring, it's probably, I hope it's allowable, the one time the legendary rock and roll DJ, Shaun McDowell who is retiring chapter in Russia in other capture and rock and roll history. That's I feel like the groovy is disappearing right before our eyes, the last remnants of groovy acidy, and he's not on, and he's not a guy who just shows up and turns records, he's doing research before he gets he has done the research by just like going to every concert ever. Stories about like this, that the same drummer who played here. Also played that and played twice in the same night at different venues. That's all right. Maybe we'll talk pirates for no apparent reason. Even though neither of us are experts, but both of us are fans. Yes. On the other side of the break, John mcintire. Robert, Ben, Gino also we'll have a golf update. It'll be exciting because I have no idea what it means. But I'll be reading stuff off of a screen because people do care, even though I'm ignorant. Now a leaderboard update from the PGA championship frontier by Gulf, specialties air pro heating and cooling might Camden Hyundai of Greensburg..

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