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CEO Elon Musk. Is facing to lawsuits bet claim he made false, statements to boost the, company's stock price complaints claim Elon Musk sought to mislead investors when. He said on, Twitter, this past week he had. Secured funding to take the electric. Car company private that announcement immediately boosted Tesla's stock but those. Gains have mostly been raised, the lawsuits filed Friday in San. Francisco by investors say musk and tesla violated federal securities law by scheming. To artificially inflate the stock's price. I'm Kerry shoemaker Michigan technolo-. Technological university in Houghton it's launching the smart ships coalition. The first freshwater testing spot of its kind in the world Great Lakes research center engineer and a member of that, coalition Travis white, says, researchers, will, be, able, to try out autonomous technologies, zone So does this mean, self-driving ships well not exactly you're not immediately you know we're. We're basically right at the leading. Edge here of a whole variety of emerging. Technologies you know there's already commercially available autonomous technologies that can, be operated by a controller somebody on. Shore white says the mayor, time autonomy research, site is on lake superior's Portage canal well it's a, good night to look up Cranbrook astronaut. Astronomer that's Mike Narloch says conditions should. Be pretty darn good for viewing the purse meteor, showers that's persecuted meteor, showers and the best viewing he says it's a clear and be. As dark as, possible, so you know we usually. We suggest twenty miles away from. The nearest city that's hard to do these days in southeastern. Michigan going up up seventy, five to your nearest wayside is. Not bad Cranbrook actually we're going to be turning off the lights on Campus in and around what we're going, to be observing so that's a. Good spot to go to as well in the best views lack, says right at about midnight this, evening WWE j. news time ten forty three here's Charlie. Ken felons vote I'm Charlie Langton? With, light and. Briefs in Michigan. In order, to, vote you must be a citizen of the United States a Michigan resident and eighteen. Years or, older on election day, now that is easy to understand however the law. In Michigan says that you are not eligible to. Vote if you are serving a sentence in. Jail, or prison interestingly if you're in jail because you can't. Make bond you are still able to vote you might have to do it by absentee but you, have not been sentenced yet now. There are, other states that have stricter voting laws for felons. So if you, are incarcerated in another state or have a conviction you better. Check that state's law one final thing when you, are done with your incarceration in Michigan you are automatically able to vote but you must reregister bottom line voting is a privilege And it shouldn't be taken away easily even if you. Are a convicted felon checkout breeds WJ NewsRadio dot com with the, and Braves I'm Charlie Langton WJ. NewsRadio nine fifty of those Tigers do this evening neighbor mounting a, comeback in the bottom of the, ninth did it come to fruition sports is next.

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