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Let's see what we've got here. Nineteen ninety eight Toyota Sienna with a quarter million miles. And so they don't know if the transmission fluids ever been changed, should they do a drain and feel or leave it alone lesson. If you just do a drain and feel you're going to refer to file what's in there. You're gonna get some lubrication back into the transmission flood, and it's going to help clean it up a little bit. If you don't do anything with it. And you know, exactly what's going to eventually happen. This is a nineteen Ninety-seven Mercedes on all one he three hundred said AC and or heater not working correctly. And they change the blower resistor and still not working, and they checked all the fuses. They say, they're okay. Well, what you're going to have to have some voltage tests done at the blower motor. You know? See by just telling me this. I don't know if the compressors actually kicking on or whether it's just your blower motor not working going to have to test and find out if we got voltage going to the blower motor. And if we don't make sure that there's power going to the controller, and if we got power going to the controller, and it's not, you know, turning the blower motor on then chances are you may have a bad controller, but going to have to have some voltage tests before anybody goes and starts replacing any parts on it. And this one here's a good question. A lot of people will do this. They'll buy new vehicle, and then they wanna put a larger tire on it on this one here. I would have to check its Kenneth speed ometer be reprogrammed for larger tires on a two thousand eighteen Chevy trailblazer. Now, listen to me, we can do that on almost all the trucks because people by truck and they wanna go to a larger tire. And that's that's common and a lot of times the. The you know with our flashing abilities or calibration abilities for your computer system. Sometimes they'll give us a selection of three different size tires. You know, so you can go up a little bit or a lot. And for the trailblazer. Though. See I'm not one hundred percent for sure on that. We would have to check and see if there is a larger tire selection on that. We've almost all tell you what go to magic mechanic dot com and put this question. And so I don't forget about it over the weekend. And then what I'll do is. I'll check and see if our tech two is capable of flashing European SIM for a larger size tire. Now reason I'm saying this because this is sort of lack of an SUV crossover top size vehicle. So I don't know. What are they give us a selection and therefore a larger tire or not? And where did that one go? Okay. Is Amsoil decks approve? Yes, it is. It Amsoil is capable. Able of you can actually if you look at what the specifications are. And then pull up Amsoil and you cross reference. It Amsoil does meet and exceed that specification nineteen Ninety-four Bronco. Follow leader hundred sixty six thousand mile says smoke is coming out of the dipstick tube. When the AC is on and sometimes they notice that there's some oil in the air filter housing. Neither one's a good sign. There's a couple of things. Oh, let me let me just say this before I say your motor shot, which you could have a lot of crank case issues there. You know, some Warren rings, maybe you got some crank case pressure that accumulating in the engine what I would suggest doing. And this is the very first thing. Pull the dipstick out. Don't just look at the volume of oil on the dipstick smell. Well, the oil if it smells like gasoline. You could have and it being this old. It could have a bad fuel pressure. Regulator diaphragm, and what that actually does is it will it will dilute the your engine oil and you'll get all that gasoline in there and hit a literally hope out of the Dag on dipstick tube. And and that could break the oil down so much that it could be contaminating the air filter housing as well so smell the oil smells like gasoline. You have some issues there. And if you don't get on them real quick, you're gonna wind up losing the motor. And this one here is what has caused the increase in the price of regular car batteries over the last three years. You know, I've noticed that as well. And it can't be all together with lead prices. I wouldn't think because I haven't seen lead prices go up that much, but you know. No. But but a lot of batteries have certainly increased over the last few years the reason for it being. I don't know. I know that are Napa batteries and our AC Delco batteries. They have even our interstate batteries has had a substantial increase over the last three years. So, but it's just like anything else. I'm sure, you know, over time that everything goes up as they say this one here says they're new to Florida, and where can they take their nineteen sixty seven sunbeam tiger to get work done this one. I know this one all right to the magic mechanic. Well, do you know like I said during the break there, a sixty seven some being those were very very rare cars, there wasn't a whole lot of a mate they were there to compete with the m jeez. And the Austin Healey's and stuff like that. But only these were bad ass little cars. And when I say that they had a two eight. Eighty nine Ford V eight motor and these little cars, these little convertibles. So I mean, you wanna talk about a just surprised the daylights out of people out on the road. They were a sleeper by thanks. See that little convertible. They're sitting there going little four cylinder g Levin. Thank you at somebody Trump that little to eighty nine v eight and just blast everybody, but a sunbeam tiger. It was just one little convertible. Cool little cars, you know. But they had Ford drive train. And I'm so really really a unique cool little car. That really stands out at a car show. Definitely something though that you guys can handle it. It's just a Ford car. It's all it is with a sheep's clothing as they say. So tiger, Tom. Go ahead. Fourteen thirty to Lee Road or anyone who's interested in stopping by the magic mechanic shop fourteen thirty to Lee Road about a mile west of I four the Lee Road exit just about a sneeze distance away from I four they're located right here in Orlando four zero seven six two nine two six six one. What do you say we head back to these phone lines here? Larry back to the phones. Let's do it. Dana calling in from Ocala. Welcome onto the show. Dana. What's your question for Larry Perry? I love the show. Thanks ninety eight Dodge Ram fifteen hundred with a five point nine motor in it, which has its own problems had to do the intake manifold gasket on that thing. A couple of times. I think default, but this car, but it's true will run great in perfect. And then all of a sudden, you get this vacuum leak sound, and it starts bogging out and stalls on you. You got no pressure or no, no power. No, nothing. Can't figure it out. I do pull oxygen sensor code. But like I said that codes Paul in it'll be running perfect. And then all of a sudden he does what it does. Yeah. Now when you do the take on these what are you? What exactly are you addressing? Well, what happened in it was it was fun and oil like grading to do it twice. Okay. His shop you then the then it was diagnosed correctly then. And that's the reason that I, you know, I have to ask because not every intake plant them in the world has a a sub plate underneath goes bad. So you've got you've you've got an assessories plate that literally bolts to the bottom underneath this intake, plant them. And if the gasket goes bad on it, not only does it create a horrible vacuum lake. It'll suck oil right straight out of the engine. So yeah, that's a very very common issue. But a lot of people believe it or not does not know that that is an issue. They have you ever. Have you ever pulled the GR valve off of this thing and looked at it? Yeah. Replaced that you know, I tried to do all the easy fixes. But it's just weird. It'll run her. You know, I almost think it's like a computer talent to do something. And then all of a sudden it falls out. But it I get this vacuum leak, and you cannot here where it's coming from. I mean, you can't find where it's coming from. And that's when it bogged. But then other times it runs per no, no backing lake. No, nothing. So I don't understand why they would be vacuum. Leak at all. You know what I mean? But that's the sound. I'm getting and it does the engine when that happens does the engine rpm increase. I really don't remember. Yeah. See if I didn't know if the computer was going, wacky and enlist just sit here and think for a second if the computer was going crazy for some reason or other and all of a sudden, it told the autospy control motor to retract, you know, fully what you're going to hear air. I mean, there's not gonna be any question with that. And if we think about it, I don't know what else other than the adults be control motor that could create that type of a vacuum leak or air lake. You know, because if it was a brake booster or your intake that wouldn't be an intermittent type of thing for it to be intermittent on agr valve can be intermittent. If it gets a bunch of crap or carbon stuck up underneath of it. But you normally don't hear any GR valve leak because it's kind of internal just like your intake sub panel on. It is really when you get right down to it. I don't speak a troll Motors really about the only thing that could really do what you're describing. And the only thing control. And that is your computer, you know. So I mean, I think we just sit here and kind of you know, we're really suspicious of the computer in truck right now, I think something along the lines of that PCM in that truck is actually got an intermittent issue. And and and that's why this thing is doing it intermittently like that. Something's causing the motor won't, you know, you're either losing spark or losing injector control or something. And then when the engine starts stumbling him wanting to run bad, then of course, it it the computer system sensing this and to keep it running. It's retracting Yadel speaking troll motor. I think the the the vacuum late that you're hearing is where it's trying to compensate for whatever the problem is. I don't think that that is actually what is causing the problem. So I think I think we've got, you know, either we're losing some sort of a sensor information going back to the computer or the computer itself is actually failing on the truck. No more than those PCM's are those computers, are I would probably be tempted to probably buy one and plug into it just to see if you can get one for a couple of hundred bucks. It's probably worth plug in one in just to see what would happen, or if you know somebody's got an identical truck, it might be worth just plug on one end. And see what it what it does. But I have. Have a funny feeling that could your actual computers. Probably what's causing all your problems. Appreciate that. Call dana. Mark in Virginia. See you hold it on there for forty two minutes year, the next batter here on the magic mechanics show. Butch in orange city. Michael max and fill your on the way as well. We gotta take a quick break for the three big things you need to know in the final segment of the magic mechanics show on the way right here on news ninety six point five WDBO..

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